The world needs another blog!

I lied. It doesn’t. It really, really doesn’t.

But for a while now, I’ve been thinking that it might be interesting to have a place to dump thoughts about story that don’t seem to fit anywhere else, so here we are – a blog about random TV shows, books, and movies, that won’t always be reviews, exactly, and may occasionally stray into the psychology of people who watch them, including my own.

(Bones? Certainly. Fringe? Probably. Criminal Minds? Most likely. The Hobbit? Absolutely. The In Death novels? Those, too.)

Where TV is concerned, I won’t always be contemplating the newest ep of something (there are several shows that the rest of the universe saw years ago that I’m just now watching) and I may well occasionally spew spoilers – but I swear I will always try to give plenty of warning when that’s the case.

I have no idea whether anyone else will come along for the ride or not, but if so…civil comments are welcome. Oh, and hey…I decide what’s civil. I know, I know…it’s unreasonable of me, but fandom often unleashes the lunacy in people who might otherwise be sane.

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