Reflections on Eventually (Bones)

Give it time, Bones, okay? Give it time. Everything happens eventually…all the stuff that you think never happens – it happens. You just gotta be ready for it. (Booth)

I’ve been seeing variations on that quote all week as Bones builds to the Big Day. It’s often accompanied by comments about how long both we and the characters have waited for this. (Years, folks. Years.)

Well, yeah. And you know what? I’m totally good with that.

Thinking about their journey, I realized something: many of my favorite moments from the show have been in the last few seasons. And they’re scenes I don’t believe would have happened if Booth and Brennan had become a couple back when people first began thinking they should.

It’s not that I don’t love the early years, because I totally do. But yeah…there have been some pretty awesome moments in seasons six through nine, moments I don’t believe we’d have gotten if the story had gone the way I personally wanted it to go at the end of season five.

Yeah, maybe we’d have seen other moments instead…but not these. And I really, really love all these scenes. LOL.

(I know before putting the list out there that not everyone shares my views, but it’s just my list. Feel free to share yours in the comments.)

1. Booth invites himself to the lecture Brennan was going to, Killer in the Crosshairs.


Specifically, he chases her (literally!) through a park and asks her out, in typical B&B fashion, by inviting himself to spend the day with her at a lecture.

At the coffee cart, no less.

I wasn’t one of the people who needed to see them have some sort of traditional date because it just didn’t seem to fit their relationship. But this was pretty sweet.

2.  End scene, The Blackout in the Blizzard.


It turns out that ‘Booth and Brennan ‘get together” means something different to all of us, and for me, this is that moment. Yeah, I know they didn’t have sex. They didn’t even kiss. But as big a role as sexual tension has always played in their relationship, it’s never been limited to that.

Here, we see them acknowledge their feelings for one another, acknowledge that they will be together, and mark the moment with ritual. I love what they say and share here, and how they do so.

(I also can’t prove it, but I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that Hart views this scene as that turning point in their relationship, too.)

3.  Booth’s apartment, The Hole in the Heart.


This scene has me from the moment he says, “You’re coming home with me.” Some people wanted to make the whole thing about friendship and comfort sex, but that fails utterly when you consider that he’s been friends with Cam for nearly twenty years at this point, she’s no less a possible target, and yet it’s Brennan he’s in full-on protective mode with. And Brennan goes along with it.

Once back at his apartment, the intimacy and love we see in the bedroom, as she brings him her fears and grief, and he helps her to navigate them as only he can, remains for me one of the most beautiful scenes in the entire show. “That’s what I’m here for.”

Bonus: At the end of the episode, the look they share at Vincent’s farewell, and then walking away together, arm in arm? Yeah. That.

4. Couch scene, The Prince in the Plastic


I never questioned that they’d be together, as a committed romantic couple, before the end of the series. I also thought the odds were good that we’d see them get married. But it never occurred to me that we’d see them as parents. In that vein, there were numerous other scenes I could have chosen from the pregnancy that illustrate that for us, but I love this one in particular. There’s something about her sharing her fears with him, and him reassuring her – even while privately wincing at the thought of dissections – that is perfectly them.

5. “You found our house”, The Crack in the Code


If they’d gotten together a lot earlier, maybe we’d have seen a similar scene, of them finding just the right place to call home. But it wouldn’t have been this scene, with its urgency due to her being so far along in her pregnancy. And everything about this works for me, from his nerves to her ability to look beyond the surface to the house’s ‘bones.’

6. Birth scene, The Prisoner in the Pipe


The show not only gives us Booth delivering their child (which I love for the intimacy of it) but we get to see the moment the woman who had said, ‘I’m just one of those people who doesn’t get to be in a family,’ realizes ‘we’re a family.’ 

Bonus: The end scene, when their ‘more than one kind of family’ is waiting to greet them.

7. Reunion scene, The Future in the Past.


I have a sentimental streak where reunion scenes are concerned. Even as a kid, I loved them (remember Jem coming home in Rilla of Ingleside? I sobbed for days over his reunion with Little Dog Monday. True Story.)

The episode builds to this scene by showing us how they’re both faring three months into the separation, and then, boom! (literally) followed by the fireworks and breaking furniture. It’s just all so them, blonde wig notwithstanding.

Bonus: Washing machine sex. (Seriously, who would have imagined they’d give us that?)

8. End scene, The Twist in the Plot


Because they wound up pregnant, we’re seeing them raise a daughter together, and because of that, we get this scene, where both we and Brennan watch Booth record a farewell tape for Christine which not only includes reflections about himself, (“I’m the luckiest man in the world because I got to spend time with your mother, and with you.”) but also Brennan: “Help your mom to be happy. Because if she’s alone? She’s going to forget.”

(Damn it. Where are my tissues?)

9. Brennan’s Proposal, The Secret in the Siege


I often feel out of sync with people (well, there’s a shocker – LOL!) because for me, romance isn’t doing whatever the culture at large has decided is romantic. It’s unique to the couple, reflecting who they are, as individuals and together. And Brennan proposing with beef jerky because she wants him to be happy is perfect, and a callback to what she says at the end of The Partners in the Divorce about realizing her happiness was now contingent upon his and Christine’s [happiness.]

10. End scene, The Sense in the Sacrifice.


I know a lot of people didn’t like this, to varying degrees. I respect that. But I loved it. I didn’t realize until after the fact, but I don’t think I would have wanted anything to overshadow Brennan’s proposal.  This quiet moment, where Booth lets her know how much he wants to marry her, was perfect for me because it’s more about reinstating the engagement that was than a new proposal on his part.

The naked vulnerability on his face when he asks if she’d say yes wrenches at me. Despite her words (and faith!) from the end of Secrets in the Proposal, he’s not completely sure of her at this point, because he does know how much he hurt her, never mind that she’s just told him he did the right thing.

And her dry, matter of fact response is so her, and thus equally right for the scene.

(I couldn’t decide between the image above and this one to showcase this scene, so…both!)


Bonus from this episode: FBI kiss. We’ve seen them kiss at crime scenes, but this was different, and if I could have managed a screen cap of it that did it justice, I’d have included it. It’s a powerful reminder of their faith in one another, and coming at this point in the story…I wouldn’t trade it for having seen them get together years ago for anything. 

So what about you all? What are your favorite scenes from the past few seasons that we wouldn’t have seen if ‘eventually’ had happened earlier?


14 thoughts on “Reflections on Eventually (Bones)

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more if I tried!

    I understood why some got impatient waiting for our eventually, but I always had faith in HH & co. He had a story he wanted to tell, and he told it. There’s no doubt that Emily’s pregnancy altered his plans somewhat (Hart admitted that) but B&B still ended up where they belonged.

    And we may have waited 8 years (9 if we count this year) but personally I think it was well worth the wait.

    We’ve had so many amazing moments throughout the years (some of which you’ve mentioned) and I wouldn’t change any of it.

    Brilliant post Ryn, as usual 😀

  2. I’d add the end scene of The Prince in the Plastic when Brennan left herself learn how have fun and play w/ Booth w/ the toys she bought intending play w/ Chrisitne in the future!

  3. Agree whole-heartedly with your take on Booth’s proposal. Instead of overpowering Brennan’s (as a traditional proposal would) it served as a nice complement to hers. And given everything they had just went through, a more subdued proposal was appropriate.

  4. I am in complete agreement with each of these. That first one listed is one I absolutely love, but all of them really are spot on.

    I might bed back when I’m back home and on my laptop instead of my phone.

  5. I agree, and I think given Brennan’s capacity for building the kind of relationship we all wanted them to eventually have, it was necessary for them (and us) to wait 9 years to get there. If they had rushed it early on, she would have gotten scared, we’d have had a situation similar in ways to the Sully arc, all at the expense of Booth. If they’d had done it too early, they would have lost the chance to do it “right” later on. As well know, evolution takes years…and way they got to eventually was worth the wait! I love all your picks above, and can think of so many more!

  6. Excellent!

    I wouldn’t change any of this, only add two more that I think are big moments. The end of Patriot in purgatory, Brennan’s admission that she lived her life in fear and how after she met Booth she just couldn’t avoid things anymore. It was a huge moment for Brennan.

    The end of Ghost in the machine, dancing to Hot blooded in their kitchen, with their baby daughter. How many of you who had been watching this show since the beginning thought you would ever get to see something like that?

  7. So wonderful. I am so happy about this wedding and this walk down memory lane was beautiful. I have to go and watch the recommended episodes and decide what I am wearing to the wedding,

  8. Yes and I would add the “dine and dash”scene when Booth gives Brennan a chance to be bad; the scene when Brennan brings a piece of birthday cake out to Booth after he trades the Ricco case for ensuring Jared does not lose his job for a DUI; the ice skating scene when they admit they only want to be partners with each other.

  9. As you may recall, there were times post ep 100 and in the first part of s6 when I wasn’t sure that eventually would come. I am so delighted that it did, and I agree that I have loved what has happened since. I’m not sure that we needed all the angst of those 20 or so episodes, but I just avoid watching those episodes. I agree with every one of your points here. These are the ones that I would have chosen as the highlights of the last 3 seasons or so. I have just adored everything once it was clear that they would be together.
    Again, thank you for a fabulous review.

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  12. I have often wondered how many laps Booth had to make around the park before he found Brennan in,that “killer in the Crosshairs” scene….

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