A squee post, because I can’t help myself

Smugness is an unattractive trait. Gloating is worse. Pride, well, that can be okay, if it’s deserved and not proclaimed in a smug, gloating, or obnoxious way. But I’m feeling pretty smug, gloating, and proud this week.

Bones is pretty much rocking Friday night and there’s no true point at all to this post beyond throwing my arms in the air and giving a loud cheer.

I’m not surprised, in that I thought they’d do well. To me, it was a matter of logic: people watch TV on Friday night (hello, Grimm and Blue Bloods) and if Bones fans have followed the show to every other night of the week, why wouldn’t they follow it there?

But I admit that they’re doing better than I hoped.  And I love that, especially for the sake of those who work so hard on the show.  Depending on whether you’re talking live or DVR, the same number of people are watching the show on Friday who watched on Monday, more or less. Plus, they’ve won the time slot two weeks in a row, and hey, they beat Frosty.  (I feel like I should feel bad over that, I mean, we’re talking Frosty. But I don’t, because …Bones won the time slot. Whoo-hoo!)

Here are some of my favorite sentences from the past few days:

“The top regular FOX series was Friday night’s BONES episode, drawing 6.9 million viewers.”  (source, here.)

Stephen Nathan’s tweet: #bones fans pat yourselves on the back! We went up to a 2.5 rtg (18-49) with live+3! The 7 day numbers will show we conquered the world.  (@squarechicken)

Preston Beckman’s reaction: Fans of #BONES we went up 2a 2.5 rtg (18-49) with 3 more days of viewing! 2 celebrate 2 #BONES posters 2day Email masked.scheduler@gmail.com 

(Later, he noted:”Thanx to you all #BONES kicking butt on Friday“, and “Bones fans rock.“)

He’s right. We do. But that’s because the show does.

I could go on and on about what I love about it (and really, most of my fan reviews are exactly that) but in the midst of discussions about the characters, and the dialog, and the cases and everything else, two things in particular stand out for me:

The first is that the show makes me feel:

  • Brennan standing next to a physicist as he tells the story of his daughter’s life in equations – I don’t even know what emotion it is I’m feeling. I just know that I am. (And I can promise you, I’ve wept many times over math in my life, but never before with a smile on my face at the same time.)
  • Booth talking to Aldo about the moral dilemmas he faces as a sniper, and realizing that those same questions drove Aldo from the priesthood? Yeah. That.
  • Hodgins’ line to Brennan, “It’s been a privilege”? It’s a gut-punch, in the best of all possible ways.
  • Brennan leading the rest of the team to attend the funeral of the victim at the end of The Goop on the Girl, so his mom won’t be alone? I sob every time I watch it. Heck, I’m tearing up just writing about what I feel when I watch that scene.
  • Angela illustrating loyalty and friendship with the line, “friends don’t send friends’ fathers to the electric chair” while in a jail cell? Yep. That, too.
  • Seeing Brennan walk down the aisle toward Booth as Cyndi Lauper sings, “At Last”? Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

Not all of the episodes have those kinds of moments, of course. Sometimes, what the show gives me is simple laughter. No, murder isn’t funny, but people often are, and bad things are going to happen whether or not we’re finding the humor in them. 

And that leads to the second gift the show gives me: hope. Bones repeatedly reassures me that love wins in the end, that some friends do stand true, and that there’s a place for everyone, somewhere, whether they’re a socially awkward forensic anthropologist, a grumpy cop with his own share of baggage, or an entomologist who believes in aliens.

So, yeah, the show rocks, and I could not be prouder that so many people are watching even if I had something to do with that. But since I don’t, I’ll just keep sitting over here and cheering for them. (When I’m not watching it, of course.)

3 thoughts on “A squee post, because I can’t help myself

  1. Enjoyed this as always. So agree with everything and am so happy things are going so well because I want this to last as long as possible. When Caroline wiped her eyes at the wedding is when I burst into tears. I knew it was really happening, At Last.

  2. Yes, I’m squeeing a lot lately in regards to Bones. I love how well the show is doing in what many were calling a death slot. Actually I’m still hearing it about Friday nights just no longer in reference to Bones.

    I love the episodes so far this season, it’s just been so much that I really never expected to get from this show (Or from personal experience any show I watch :D)

    All those feels? Yes so much, and the way you don’t have to say which episode each is from for me to know exactly when it occurred. I just love that. But I’m greedy and I want another squee…early announcement of renewal for a 10th season. 😉

  3. Why some people wanted to insist Bones would die on Fridays will never make sense to me. And I fully admit to a few moments of wanting to say Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah, I told you so! I told you we’d be fine on Fridays! In related news, I was so excited to learn last night at our neighborhood holiday party that my neighbor across the street and her high school age daughter are big Bones fans. We promised to get together for watching parties!

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