Top Ten: Favorite Booth and Brennan Moments (S10)

I’ve mostly been baffled by a lot of the discussion about Booth and Brennan lately. It’s not that I don’t respect that people see things differently than I do – I do! – but rather, well, I’m just seeing something else. When reading through some comments about what we aren’t seeing this season, the voice inside my head keeps going, ‘but what about this? And that? And that other scene?’

So yesterday morning I started jotting down some of those moments, and since there’s no new episode this week, I thought I’d share them. Just to be clear, this isn’t me saying anyone is wrong because they’re not having the same response I am to these scenes and this season, not at all.  But this is a partial list of why I’m a happy fan girl.

These are in no particular order, by the way. I pretty much went with the order that they occurred to me when I started jotting them down. Also? I was aiming for ten (though there are plenty more) but, well, counting isn’t my forte anyway, and I couldn’t figure out which ones to exclude.

1. Fight and Aftermath, The Lance to the Heart

I think at the core of it, what we all want is to know that someone will be there for us, no matter what, will catch us when we fall.  But it gets complicated when we make, or contribute, to our own crisis.

“Booth, you are the one who’s running away! You’re running away from everything you believe in. Why? Because it’s not going the way you want it to? Because it’s too difficult for you? What kind of man does that make you? How will you face your God if you kill an innocent man? Is your faith in him so weak? Your faith in…me?You’re a good man, Booth. Don’t let them take that away – that really will be the death of you.”


"I just want this to stop." "It will."

“I just want this to stop.”
“It will.”


Booth’s response to Sweets’ murder and his unjust incarceration, unchecked, would have destroyed his life. And riding on betrayal, grief, and completely justified rage, he doesn’t want her to pull him back…but she does, because she loves him too much to lose him; needs him too much for him not to be the man he is really is.

She saved him from dying in jail; here she saves him from himself.

And when he breaks, and chooses their life together over blind vengeance, she’s still there, picking up the pieces. It’s a beautiful scene, a powerful reminder that love is more than just saying, “I love you.”

2. Breakfast, The Geek in the Guck

ILYBothI sometimes wonder if someone had told me five years ago that we’d someday see a scene of Booth and Brennan having breakfast with their daughter that ended with Brennan casually saying, “I love you both,” what my response would have been. (How many ways are there to communicate disbelief in English?)

I never doubted they’d be together, and I believed Hart when he said it wouldn’t be at the end of the show. But at least four seasons with them as a couple? The Best Wedding Ever? Getting to watch them be not only lovers, but a family? For years? Yeah, I’ve got an active imagination but it didn’t extend that far.

So scenes like this one, where all of that comes home to me, make me happy in a warm, fuzzy way.

3. Brennan’s Speech, The Corpse at the Convention

BBI commented on this one fairly extensively in my review of the episode, but I love the way they focus so totally on each other when she’s getting ready to give her speech. He’s so freaking proud of her, and the way her eyes are locked on him? He’s the only one in the room who really matters, never mind that he’s not going to understand a word she says. Their bond is never stronger than at that moment.

4. Love Scene, The Conspiracy in the Corpse

One of the things I’ve always loved is how the show finds ways to show the balance of power between them. They’re equals – each with strengths that complement the other. Here? She’s the strong one, and in some ways, this scene strikes me as a parallel to the bedroom scene in The Hole in the Heart, where that role belonged to him. There, she was broken by Vincent’s death, and he knew how to comfort her; here, she does the same thing for him. He’s broken, both physically and emotionally, and while making love to him doesn’t fix everything, it’s a beginning, a movement toward reclaiming their normal.


“I won’t hurt you.”

(Also…I don’t have words for how much I love that expression on her face as she looks at him. At this point in time, she’s the one with all the faith in the power of their love, in the power of her love for him. And That. Is. Awesome.)

5. Comfort Dance, The Lost Love in the Foreign Land

BoothBrennanThere are two components to this for me. The first is what they share about their feelings for one another, particularly Brennan’s reflections on how easily they might have missed the chance to spend their lives together. (I also love that she’s touching him, her hand wrapped around his wrist. It’s like she can’t bear not to have that physical connection right then.)



dance2But the second is the dance, which builds on that need to touch for comfort. For so long people fixated on the sexual tension between them, and yet, when they need comfort, they turn to holding one another while they dance. Not exclusively, perhaps, but this is the second time we’ve seen them do so (the first being the end of Big in the Philippines), and I love what that says about what they need from one another.





6. The Schmo Conversation, The Puzzler in the Pit

Okay, this was silly, but I loved it enough to put the entire exchange in last week’s review. Why? Because this is Booth and Brennan as we’ve always known them, a callback, IMO, to the very beginning. Classic early season Booth and Brennan – what’s not to love?

It doesn’t even really matter whether or not she understood how he was using the term, and whether or not he understood that she knew perfectly well what he meant. This is the two of them, tweaking one another just to do so. And Aubrey? His bafflement as an outsider to their own private courtship ritual – never mind that they’ve been married for over a year – adds to the humor of it.

7. Discussing Sweets’ Death, The Lance to the Heart.

At the forum yesterday, I noted that Booth doesn’t share himself well with anyone but Brennan. As close as he was to Sweets, he never stopped playing a two-steps-forward-three-steps-back dance with him when it came to personal stuff – even when Booth initiated it, as he sometimes did.  And even rarer are the times when we’ve seen him open up to someone else.

"He was family."

“He was family.”

But Brennan? We seldom see him even try to obfuscate with her, and that’s never more heartbreaking than when we see them beginning to process Sweets’ death, just hours after it happened. The break in his voice tells us everything we need to know about where he is emotionally.  And Brennan? Even her strength falters when Christine comes out announcing she’s ready to go to the park with Sweets and Daisy, so she leads the little girl to Booth, and together they find the words to explain death to their daughter.

The whole scene is gut-wrenching, but there’s also something beautiful to me in watching them navigate such a terrible reality together. While I would never have chosen for Sweets to die, life sucks at times, and I like seeing that they really are stronger than whatever life throws at them.

8. S&M Conversation, The Purging in the Pundit

“Bones, S&M isn’t a peanut butter cup. It’s not two great tastes that go together.”
“You enjoy being bitten.”
“What? No, I don’t.”
“When we make love, sometimes I nibble your ear, your response is…very positive, to say the least.”
“Look, a nibble’s a lot different from being whipped.”
“All degrees of the same thing.”
“The Inquisition would have been a lot different with nibbling, if you ask me.”

Can I make a confession? I find this the, um, hottest conversation they’ve ever had. In fact, it’s a contender for hottest scene, period, and they’re fully clothed. I’m not really sure why, but I think it’s because having spent so long watching them not have sex, to hear them discussing making love in this manner, with the smug, completely satisfied way Brennan says, ‘very positive, to say the least,’ just does something to me. (Is it hot in here?)


“You enjoy being bitten.”
“What? No, I don’t.”


9. Interrogating the Killer, The Corpse at the Convention

One of my favorite things is their personal asides when they’re interrogating a suspect; there’s a certain intimacy about them having a unique-to-them moment while sitting across from a potential killer.

Here, it’s that Brennan can’t quite hide her admiration for the man’s genius, never mind they already know he’s a murderer.

"Do not compliment the murderer."

“Do not compliment the murderer.”

10. Reunion, The Conspiracy in the Corpse

I have a soft spot for reunions, anyway, but this one just gets me. I’ve spent some time thinking about the differences between their reunion at the beginning of season eight (in the hotel, after Brennan was on the run with Christine for three months) and here, and there’s a very different tone to them.

I think it’s because in The Future in the Past, neither of them ever gave up hope. There were some messy emotions they would have to work through, but there’s nothing to suggest that while she was on the run, he ever doubted what he’d said to Max at the end of the season 7 finale about getting his family back.

ReunionBut here? Booth’s broken when he steps through that jail door, and not just physically. There’s a fragility to him that I don’t think we’ve seen before, and he holds her as if he really had given up.

It wrecks me, and yet there’s a fierce joy, too. Because Brennan blackmailed a judge to gain his freedom, and I know they’re going to be okay – she won’t settle for anything else.

11. Figuring Out the Location of the Files, The Lance to the Heart

There’s been a lot of discussion recently about their professional relationship, and most of what’s come out of it for me is that we all have very different views of what it even means for them to be partners.

But this scene, which is not only one of my favorites from this season, is also my favorite moment of the two of them working a case together from all 198 episodes we’ve seen so far. Aubrey’s there for part of it, and contributes to the discussion, but he might as well be on Pluto – they’re focused on each other, trading ideas back and forth, making leaps only they’re following as they rush to the answer. They’re not two separate people here, but a unit, solving a puzzle that only they could solve.


12. Beer Hat, The Geek in the Guck

I adore this scene, partly because it tells us more about their love life (mental image transition: Booth in the tub with the beer hat from The Pain in the Heart becomes Booth and Brennan in the tub, sharing the beer); partly because I love the contradictory sides to Brennan, who considers herself both sexually adventuresome and rigid; and partly because I simply love the beer hat.

These people have been part of my life for a very long time now, and I enjoy call backs to those early years – they add a layer of authenticity to the story for me.

Plus, it’s a beer hat.


13. Brennan Explains the Jackass Rules, The Moneymaker on the Merry-Go-Round

jackass1I don’t know about anyone else, but part of why I love them so much is that there are so many facets to their personalities, and to their relationship. Silly, heartbreaking, sexy, romantic, bickering, supportive…the list is endless, and thus seeing them together never gets old. Here, we’ve got smug Booth – who’s not above teasing her – but they’re clearly still a family, as he holds Christine while encouraging her mom to dig her way out of the hole she’s buried them in. It’s both fun and sweet, and another of those ‘pinch me’ moments I still get on occasion.

So there you have it. Granted, I’m lucky in liking a lot more about the show than just Booth and Brennan (including the other characters, their relationships, and above all else, being on Team!Team) but their relationship is the center of the show for me. When I think about what we’ve seen there so far, I’m swamped with feelings, and that makes me stupid happy with the season.

11 thoughts on “Top Ten: Favorite Booth and Brennan Moments (S10)

  1. Thank you for this. I love all those moment, and feel so lucky to be getting scenes like that on a show I love with the characters I’ve shipped from the beginning. That’s so extremely rare for me. I don’t care where or when those scenes take place, I’m just happy we’re getting them.

    As for the partner thing, they don’t have to be physically together for me to still see them as working together as partners, and as long as we’re still getting those other scenes I’m good. I honestly didn’t realize the difference in the way the cases were being worked until others forced that realization on me. I’m currently very happy with the stories they’re telling as well as the characters and relationships. I personally watch more for the characters and the relationships more than the cases, and not just the B&B relationship, although it’s the biggest draw, just not the only draw.

  2. Love your comments. We’ve seen a lot this season with B&B and I myself don’t understand why some fans are so upset. We are getting a real feast with B”ONES
    It is a classy show with great acting, writing and humor.

  3. Personally, I hate the schmo conversation. Booth just looks annoyed. I don’t see any real affection between them in that conversation. In Geek in the Gunk, the breakfast scene would have been so much better if she had kissed her husband, too! The rest of these I can agree with. I did like that she used his joke during her speech at Corpse at the Convention and that he was there to support her when she spoke.

    I really enjoyed the first two episodes of this season, and I really enjoyed Lost Love in a Foreign Land. They all were good cases, and had wonderful interactions between B&B. I am not as enthusiastic about some of the others. It doesn’t seem to me that it would be that difficult to add a little sugar and spice in some of these episodes with a little touch between them here or there, but that is not the only reason to watch, as we all know.

    Some folks will say these are the best moments on the list because they are the only moments that we have this season. I don’t agree with that, and I know we have more episodes to go. I just think a little more sugar would go a long way for me. Thanks for an interesting post!

    • People seem pretty evenly divided over the schmo conversation. I’ve always enjoyed their bickering, and consider it an important part of who they are. (And this one, I thought funny.)

      I wouldn’t have been surprised if someone commented about these being the only good moments (they’re obviously not for me) but it would have made me sad for them.

      I think there is a degree to which we get what we expect out of TV shows, since how we interpret things is a factor, and it’s a mystery to me why someone who doesn’t expect to like the show still watches.

      As to the writers adding in moments that would make it work better for you…I get what you’re saying. But I personally try not to think in terms of ‘if only’ and TV shows.

      Just my personal approach, but to me, there’s a difference between saying I didn’t like something they did (which I do, on occasion) and in going down the rabbit hole of being unhappy about things they could do, or that I think they should do.

      Focusing, either positively or negatively, on what they actually film is concrete; being unhappy about what they’re not doing is way too open-ended for me, and just leads to unhappiness – for me, at least. Others’ mileage obviously varies.

  4. Thank you. But I am not agree with you in all parts . I think most of these scenes could be much better . when I compare their relationship in this season with previous ones I see a deep deference which I can’t understand the reason . I don’t expect any unusual and romantically exaggerated relationship. I just want to see a real and usual married couple . Are married couples sapuse to don’t touch each other even on hand? Rarely smile to each other and Rarely kiss?

    • I’m sorry you’re unhappy, but I’m really not seeing what you’re seeing. I’m seeing a couple who are very much in love, and showing that in a lot of ways.

      I will say that for me, I don’t find it particularly helpful to my enjoyment of the show to think in terms of what they could do differently.

      If I focus on what they’re doing that I like, I’m happy. If I focus on what I think is missing, or what I think they should be doing, or how I want it to change, I’m going to be unhappy, because those things are never ending – there’s an infinite number of ways to tell a story.

      (Plus? Seven million viewers, all with different lists of what they want to see.)

      So I watch the show, expecting to be delighted by the stories they’re telling me, and more often than not, I am, because I love the characters, and love their love for one another. But I’m sorry you’re not.

      • Thanks! I’m not unhappy. I still love the show and enjoy it very much. Just I can’t understand why the way of the show has changed.

  5. I’m not unhappy and I wouldn’t even say I am disappointed with the show. I still like it. I think the word that best describes what I feel is surprised. I am somewhat surprised that whoever is in charge decided not to maintain the same level of “intimacy” we have seen even in last season. I am not referring to sex, per se, as much as the touch that occurs between people in love. You see that this season, as you have mentioned above. I am not quite so sure. But I realize I may be in the minority, and different people look for different things. It’s an interesting topic for discussion, I think

    • I’m completely agree with you. It’s just wath I wanted to say. I really want to know who decided to do this with these characters. I don’t think it relates to writers because they are the same writers as previous seasons . I think something had happened that we are not aware , but I can’t guess what. Maybe there’s something about David and emilly, I don’t know . it’s just very odd that they don’t even touch each other which is the most common act for a couple . its unbelievable that they don’t even smileììì

      • Some viewers have said they thought it was related to Booth still feeling the effects of the trauma he experienced in the beginning of season 10, and in “story time” it has been just a few months, so that might be it. My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that other components of the show are being highlighted more. I don’t feel this just applies to Booth and Brennan, but also to Hodgins and Angela. The people who are married seem almost less intimate than the unmarried couples like Cam/Aristoo. Again, that is my opinion, and probably my imagination. But I am open to hearing the opinions of others.

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