200 Moments of Bones

Two hundred of just about anything is a lot.

Two hundred episodes of TV is astonishing.

I wanted to do something that would acknowledge that, would acknowledge how proud I am of Bones, how much I love it simply for the sheer amount of joy it’s brought me. I thought about a top 10 list, but I’ve done similar things in the past; then I thought about an essay exploring the themes of the show (I might still do that) but that didn’t quite do it, either. I wanted something BIG. As big as 200 episodes.

And then I thought of this: two hundred moments that define the show for me. Joy, laughter, tears, sorrow, resolve…they’re all here. Sometimes just a sentence is enough to evoke an entire scene for me, other times it’s a picture or a complete dialogue exchange. Not every episode is represented, some are referenced more than once, and no doubt, other fans would have different lists. This just happens to be mine. (It started with nearly 300 moments, by the way.)

And it is unashamedly a list for fans – some of these won’t mean anything out of context, and it’s a long post. But that’s part of the point, isn’t it? Ten years, two hundred episodes full of moments that make us feel. That’s …awesome.

  1. “Being a sniper, I took a lot of lives. What I’d like to do before I’m done is try and catch at least that many murderers.”
    “Oh, please. You don’t think there’s some kind of cosmic balance sheet…I’d like to help you with that.” (Booth and Brennan, Pilot)partners
  2. “There’s no pleasure in taking someone’s life. Nothing to celebrate.” (Booth, The Man in the SUV)
  3. “You are the best of us, Miss Montenegro. You discern humanity in the wreck of a ruined human body. You give victims back their faces, their identities. You remind us all of why we’re here in the first place. Because we treasure human life.” (Goodman to Angela, A Boy in a Bush)
  4. “I have a friend at the FBI. If I ask him to, he will make sure that you and David get to live with Margaret again.” (Brennan to Shawn)
    “I’m gonna need your help to keep the promises she made to that boy.” (Booth, to the prosecutor in response to Brennan’s promise, A Boy in a Bush)
  5. “I’m asking you, please, please just let me be Jack Hodgins who works at the lab.” (Hodgins, A Boy in a Bush)
    Later: Booth makes up a reason for him not to go to the party.
  6. “Everybody in this city thinks they’re ugly, and nobody is. I’m starting to get why you hate anonymous death so much.”
    “We were born unique. Our experiences mold and change us. We become someone. All of us, and to have that taken away by murder, to be erased from existence against our will, it’s just…”
    “Unacceptable. These bones you bring me, I give them a face. I say their names out loud. I return them to their loved ones and you arrest the bad guy. I like that.”
    “So do I.”  (Booth and Brennan, The Woman at the Airport)
  7. Booth rescues Donovan. (The Woman in the Car)WomanCar
  8. Booth places one of his medals on the casket at the funeral while we see Angela finishing the comic book. (The Superhero in the Alley)
  9. Booth threatens Ortez. (The Woman in the Garden)
  10. “This conspiracy thing is a lot more intense when you’re in the middle of it.” (Hodgins, Two Bodies in the Lab)
  11. Booth rescues Brennan from Kenton. (Two Bodies in the Lab)
  12. “Because nothing in this universe happens just once, Angela. Nothing. Infinity goes in both directions. There is no unique event, no singular moment.” (Brennan, The Skull in the Desert.)
  13. Booth flies to New Orleans uninvited, because Brennan needs him. (The Man in the Morgue.)
  14. “You know, we all die a little bit, Bones. With each shot, we all die a little bit.” (Booth,The Soldier on the Grave)
  15. “We decided to tell you the truth. This is the truth.” (Hodgins, The Woman in Limbo)
  16. “I know who you are.” (Booth, The Woman in Limbo)
  17. “We make our lives out of chaos and hope. And love.” (Angela, Mother and Child in the Bay)
  18. “In the future, when you have problems with my team, you register them with me in private, not by grandstanding in a public forum.” (Cam,The Titan on the Tracks)
  19. “I’m with Bones, Cam. All the way. Don’t doubt it for a second.” (Booth, The Boy in the Shroud)
  20. Booth gives Brennan Jasper the pig. (The Blonde in the Game)
  21. “Three hours to live. Better hurry.” (Booth to Vega, Aliens in a Spaceship)BadassBoothAliens
  22. “I’m nuts about Angela. Over the moon. Stupid in love with her.” (Hodgins, Aliens in a Spaceship)
  23. “Dr. Brennan…it’s been a privilege.” (Hodgins, Aliens in a Spaceship)
  24. Booth running down the hill. (Aliens in a Spaceship)
  25. “You take one of us away, and you and Hodgins are in that hole forever.” (Booth, Aliens in a Spaceship)
  26. “It’s a guy hug. Take it.” (Booth, The Headless Witch in the Woods)
  27. “She’s just gonna tell Agent Booth anyway, might as well let him listen.” (Russ, to a disguised Max, Judas on a Pole)
  28. “There’s more than one kind of family.” (Booth, Judas on a Pole)
  29. “I figure a guy like you, I resign, that puts things right between us. Do we need to discuss it past that?”
    “What are we, girls?” (Hodgins and Booth, The Man in the Mansion)
  30. “Everything happens eventually…All the stuff you think never happens – it happens. You just gotta be ready for it.” (Booth, The Boneless Bride in the River)
  31. Brennan punches the bounty hunter in the face. (The Killer in Concrete)
  32. Brennan and Max rescue Booth, (The Killer in the Concrete)
  33. Hodgins spells out “Be My Love” in glowing shrimp. (The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House)BeMyLove
  34. “You know more about duty and honor than anybody else I know.” (Zack to Booth, Stargazer in a Puddle)
  35. “Angela and Hodgins are fine, Zack is back, Cam is locked in. What I need to know, Bones, is are we solid? Because, you and me, Bones, we’re the center.”
    “And the center must hold.” (Booth and Brennan, The Widow’s Son in the Windshield)
  36. Brennan does voice over of Celia’s letter from her mom: “If I’ve learned anything, it’s that we can never let the chaos and injustice make us so blind with anger that we become part of the problem. Understanding, compassion, kindness are the only true revolutionary ideas. When we compromise those, we become what we despise and we lose our humanity. The world might see my legacy as one of violence and destruction, but I know that you are my real legacy and for that – I will be thankful everyday.” (Soccer Mom in the Minivan)
  37. “Here we are, all of us, basically alone, separate creatures just circling each other, all searching for that slightest hint of a real connection. Some look in the wrong places. Some, they just give up hope because in their mind, they’re thinking “Oh, there’s nobody out there for me.” But all of us, we keep trying, over and over again. Why? Because, every once in a while… every once in a while, two people meet, and there’s that spark. And yes, Bones, he’s handsome, and she’s beautiful, and maybe that’s all they see at first. But making love… making love… that’s when two people become one.” (Booth to Brennan, Death in the Saddle)
  38. “I want you to consider what side you’re on. Bishops and psychiatrists and bleeding heart parole officers. That’s what’s wrong with the justice system in this country.” (Caroline to Booth, after he gets the Archbishop of DC and Sweets to ask the judge for leniency toward Russ, The Knight on the Grid)
  39. “Merry Christmas, Booth.” Collage
  40. “You don’t play at being a warrior.  You are a warrior.  Every day.  You’re definitely… a fully developed man.” (Brennan to Booth, The Player under Pressure)
  41. “That’s a lot of heart, Bones.” (Booth, The Verdict in the Story)
  42. “There is someone for everyone. Someone you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with, all right? You just have to be open enough to see it, that’s all.” (Booth to Brennan, Man in the Outhouse)
  43. Booth and Brennan bury Ripley. (The Finger in the Nest)
  44. “My name is Ryan Stephenson. I’m a child of man. I’m a child of woman. But more importantly, I’m a child of God, and as I look around I see others like me. We don’t look alike. None of us look alike. On the outside, we are gay and straight, black and white, fat and thin, man and woman, saint and sinner…But inside…inside we are all the same.” (Victim’s son’s sermon, The He in the She)
  45. “Do you think I’m a loser, like that guy in there?  Some clown in some dumb-ass uniform who basically can’t do any better? Is that what you think?” (Booth to Brennan, The Conman in the Meth Lab)
  46. Brennan pushes Jared off a chair. (The Conman in the Meth Lab)
  47. “In working with Booth, I’ve come to realize that the quiet man, the invisible man, the man who’s always there for friends and family… that’s a real alpha male. And I promise my eyes will never be caught by those shiny baubles again.” (Brennan, The Conman in the Meth Lab)
  48. “My dad drank.” (Booth, The Conman in the Meth Lab)ConMan
  49. Brennan’s absolute confidence in Booth when he’s throwing knives at her. (Double Trouble in the Panhandle)
  50. “I’m never gonna make you fall. I’m always here.” (Booth, Fire in the Ice)
  51. Brennan decks Taffet with a briefcase. (The Hero in the Hold)
  52. Brennan and Booth hug after his rescue. (The Hero in the Hold)
  53. “I don’t need a sitter. Booth gets needlessly protective sometimes. I have no idea why.”
    “You really don’t, do you?” (Brennan and Perotta, The Princess and the Pear)
  54. Cam gives Michelle her half of the salt and pepper set; Michelle shows she’s always kept the other half. (The Doctor in the Den)
  55. “You all want to lose yourself in another person. You believe that love is transcendent and eternal. I want to believe that, too.”
    “Hey, you will. I promise. Someday you will. You will someday, okay? You will.” (Brennan and Booth, The Cinderella in the Cardboard)
  56. “Sweets is not a baby duck.”
    “He wants what we all want.  He wants to find out his place in the world.”
    “We can find a permanent place for him.  Right?” (Booth, Wyatt, Brennan, Mayhem on a Cross)
  57. Booth and Brennan share scars from their past with each other and with Sweets. (Mayhem on a Cross)mayhem
  58. “I’m not convinced that loving someone is worth it.”
    “… It is worth it, and everything around it is worth it.  Every moment, everything… is worth it, so eat the ice cream before it melts.” (Brennan and Booth, The Girl in the Mask)
  59. “Listen, you just said you wanted to do this alone because feelings are ephemeral.  So is life, Brennan.  We’re here one minute, and then we’re gone the next.  You should know that better than anybody.  If you keep living trying to protect yourself, nothing is ever gonna touch you.” (Angela, The Critic in the Cabernet)
  60. “Trust me. Something is wrong. Trust me.” (Brennan pleads with Booth to believe that’s he’s ill, The Critic in the Cabernet.)
  61. Booth watches for Brennan. (The Critic in the Cabernet)Caberet
  62. “Man, we can’t take anything for granted, can we?”
    “Why is it so easy to forget that?”
    “Ange, when we split, either one of us could’ve stopped it.  It would’ve been easy.”
    “I know.”
    “It would be just as easy… to begin again.” (Hodgins and Angela, The Critic in the Cabernet)
  63. “Do you love me?”
    “Do you want me to show you?” (The End in the Beginning)teitb
  64. “Well, you know that glass of wine that we share every night?”
    “I have to stop that.” (B&B, The End in the Beginning)
  65. Booth and Brennan reunite upon her return from Guatemala and his return to duty. (Harbingers in the Fountain)
  66. “You’re in love with Dr. Brennan.” (Cam to Booth, Harbingers in the Fountain)
  67. Booth rescues Brennan. (Harbingers in the Fountain)BandBHiAF
  68. “By the way, my cards tell me this all works out eventually.” (Avalon, Harbingers in the Fountain)
  69. Booth teaches Brennan how to repair plumbing. (The Bond in the Boot)
  70. Booth and Brennan play the video of Levi for his parents. (The Plain in the Prodigy)
  71. “Listen, you changed history. How many people can say that?”
    “You can. Every arrest you make changes history. You make the world safer.”
    “With your help.” (Booth and Brennan, A Night at the Bones Museum)
  72. “I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do to help him.” (Brennan to Wyatt about Booth, The Dwarf in the Dirt)
  73. Booth recites saints while Brennan undresses him. (The Goop on the Girl)goop1
  74. The team attends the funeral for the victim while we hear Owen’s voiceover of his final radio broadcast: “A man died this week. By all accounts, he was a good man. Loved his mother, worked hard, shouldered his responsibilities. He was a man that any one of us would be proud to call “friend.”
     I killed him. With this microphone. I killed him by going on these airwaves and sharing my rage with you. Spreading my rage.  
    Now, you can say that it wasn’t my fault, that it was a coincidence. I thought about that. Thought about it a lot. But the fact is if it weren’t for me, he might still be alive. I’m so sorry for that.  
    Now, my religious beliefs tell me that Christ did not die in vain.  That He died to redeem us all.  I intend to show that this good, simple man also did not die in vain, that he redeemed one angry, shouting man.
    So these are the last words I will ever broadcast. And I hope they’re the words you remember best.  Peace on Earth.”  (The Goop on the Girl)
  75. Booth breaks into the lab by shooting the door. (The Proof in the Pudding)
  76. “I will never forget what you did for him.” (Cam to Brennan, The Proof in the Pudding)
  77. “When Booth and I first met, I didn’t believe that such a thing as love existed. I maintained that it was simply brain chemistry. But, perhaps Booth is correct; perhaps love comes first, and then creates the reaction. I have no tangible proof, but…I’m willing to accept Booth’s premise.” (Brennan, The Dentist in the Ditch)
  78. “You know when you talk to older couples who, you know, have been in love for 30 or 40 or 50 years, alright, it’s always the guy who says “I knew.” I knew. Right from the beginning.” (Booth to Brennan, The Parts in the Sum of the Whole)
  79. Booth gives Brennan her prom dance. (The Death of the Queen Bee)dance
  80. “I wished… I wished that you could find happiness.”
    “I don’t know what that means.”
    “Happiness. Love, laughter, friendship, purpose… and a dance.” (Booth to Brennan, The Witch in the Wardrobe)
  81. Angela and Hodgins’ jailhouse wedding. (The Witch in the Wardrobe)
  82. Booth watches Brennan leave in the cab. (The Boy with the Answer)
  83. “We can come back, pick up where we left off.  Nothing really has to change.”
    “No, things have to change.  You know what?  Hey, I taught you about eye contact, you taught me about evolution.  So… here’s to change.”
    “To change.” (Brennan and Booth, The Beginning in the End)
  84. Sweets helps Hodgins retrieve a car for Angela’s father. (The Beginning in the End)
  85. “Please don’t be a hero. Please just …don’t be you.” (Brennan to Booth, The Beginning in the End)BegEnd
  86. Booth and Brennan reunite after separating for seven months. (The Mastodon in the Room)
  87. Everyone comes home to save Cam. (The Mastodon in the Room)
  88. “He couldn’t leave her. That’s what love is.” (Booth to Brennan, The Couple in the Cave)
  89. Brennan looks for Booth in the audience, he gives her a thumbs up. (The Body and the Bounty)
  90. Cam reads the names of those lost in the sinking of the Amalia Rose. (The Shallow in the Deep.)
  91. Booth comes out of nowhere to save Brennan’s life. (The Doctor in the Photo)
  92. “He offered himself to her, but she never gave him a chance. That was her regret. I got the signal, Booth. I don’t want to have any regrets.” (Brennan to Booth, The Doctor in the Photo)
  93. “It’s over. She can’t get to any of us anymore.” (Caroline to Sweets,The Bullet in the Brain)
  94. “I don’t need a warrant. This land belongs to Seeley Booth.” (Booth to Broadsky, The Bullet in the Brain)
  95. Booth watches Brennan through the window. (The Bullet in the Brain)
  96. “You can love a lot of people in this world, but there’s only one person you love the most.” (Booth to Brennan, The Sin in the Sisterhood)
  97. Brennan chooses to stay. (The Daredevil in the Mold)daredevil3
  98. Valentine’s day massacre. (The Bikini in the Soup)
  99. Booth chases Brennan in the park and invites himself to the lecture. (The Killer in the Crosshairs)
  100. “Partners don’t say ‘forget it.'” (Booth to Brennan, The Killer in the Crosshairs)
  101. Angela and Hodgins find out their baby has a one in four chance of being born blind. (The Blackout in the Blizzard)
  102.  “We both have excellent stamina. Making love would be..quite satisfying.” (Brennan to Booth, The Blackout in the Blizzard)
  103. “You know what we’re talking about here, right?” (The Blackout in the Blizzard)Bones-BlizzardFinal
  104. “It’s amazing how people can ask me to find things, when the real treasure is something completely different all together.” (Walter, The Finder)
  105. Broadsky prepares to take his shot while a montage of the team is shown and ‘Keep the Streets Empty’ plays. (The Hole in the Heart)
  106. “You’re coming home with me.” (Booth to Brennan, The Hole in the Heart)
  107. “That’s what I’m here for.” (Booth comforts Brennan, The Hole in the Heart)Hole
  108. “You may have just saved my life.” (Booth to Hodgins after he interprets Brennan’s science-y warning about Broadsky’s broken hand, The Hole in the Heart.)
  109. The team’s farewell to Vincent. (The Hole in the Heart)
  110. “You can be my girlfriend.” (Booth to Brennan, The Change in the Game)
  111. The birth of Michael Vincent. (The Change in the Game)
  112. “I’m pregnant.” (The Change in the Game)
  113. Booth rescues Brennan from her fall. (The Memories in the Shallow Grave)
  114. “We can have whatever life we want. You know that, right?”
    “New memories, new life.” (Booth and Brennan, The Memories in the Shallow Grave)
  115. “I’m not good playing with toys. What if I can’t connect with our child?”
    “You connect with me, right?”
    “You know I do.”
    “Okay, our child is half of me. So at the very least, you can connect with the me half. Listen, you’re going to be a great mom.” (Booth and Brennan, The Prince in the Plastic)
  116. “Son, listen. I know you wish some things could’ve been resolved. Closure, they call it. But life is just a lot of loose ends.” (Pops to Booth, The Male in the Mail)
  117. “You do have some good memories of your father. You told me that. There was the time when the river froze and he woke you up at midnight to skating, and the time you were sweeping up at his barbershop when he put on Louis Prima and pretended that the electric razor was a microphone. And the World Series, your one perfect day together. Those good times with your dad are happening right now. They’ll always be happening. You deserve to keep those alive.” (Brennan to Booth, The Male in the Mail)
  118. “We have a house, Booth. You found our home.” (Brennan to Booth, The Crack in the Code)
  119. “We’re a family.” (Brennan, The Prisoner in the Pipe)
  120. The rest of the team meets Christine. (The Prisoner in the Pipebones-ep707-theprisonerinthepipe_sc-39_0196120319140422
  121. “I love you, Booth. I don’t want you to think that Christine is the only reason we’re together.” (Brennan,The Past in the Present)
  122. Booth and Brennan reunite in the hotel. (The Future in the Past)
  123. Booth feeds Christine after the reunion. (The Future in the Past)
  124. “Why are you sorry for doing the right thing?”
    “I’m sorry for how you must have felt when I did the right thing.” (Booth and Brennan, The Future in the Past)
  125. Washing machine. (The Future in the Past)658104705
  126. “I love you. I’m willing to do irrational things to prove it.” (Brennan to Booth, The Partners in the Divorce)
  127. “I put this break ten days before he died.”
    “Dr. Saroyan and Dr. Hodgins fixed time of death on September 21st.”
    “…That means this injury occurred September 11, 2001.” (Fisher and Arastoo, The Patriot in Purgatory)
  128. “Your words have meaning, don’t they, Mr. Abernathy? Those assumptions you made, those quick generalizations? What about the vengeance and the bloodshed in the Old Testament? The Crusades? The Inquisition? Are these events guided by a religion of peace? No, they were guided by self-important men who think they know more than the God they claim to worship. This was not the work of religion. It was arrogance. It was hypocrisy. It was hate. Those horrible men who hijacked those planes hijacked my religion that day, too. They insulted my God. So, no, this isn’t too difficult. It’s a privilege to be able to serve this victim. To show him the care and love that was so absent that day.” (Arastoo, The Patriot in Purgatory) 
  129. “I was at morning prayers. I didn’t believe that day. I didn’t believe in anything that day.” (Arastoo, The Patriot in Purgatory)
  130. “I spent so much time trying to control my life. I thought it meant that I was strong. But I was just afraid.”
    “Afraid of what?”
    “I dug out remains from the rubble from the Towers. For two weeks, I was methodical. A scientist. I did what was asked of me. I did my job. I never shed a tear. I was proud of that. All these years, I never let myself feel that.”
    “Bones, we all deal with things in our own way, okay?”
    “I could avoid it all before I met you. I had no one in my life. And now I think of those people and I think of you. Any one of them…it could have been you.” (Brennan and Booth, The Patriot in Purgatory)
  131. Booth, Brennan, and Christine dance to Hot Blooded on his mix tape for her. (The Ghost in the Machine)
  132. Booth and Brennan dance at the end of The Diamond in the Roughdiamond1
  133. “Morally I have no problem with killing a killer, but Booth is the only one of us who has the skills and training to do it. The burden would fall on him. The decision needs to be his.”
    “How many kills do you have?”
    “My kills were battlefield decisions, green-lit from above. There is a chain of command.”
    “Did any of them deserve to die more than Pelant?”
    “We stay in the system. In lockdown, but in the system. That’s final. Are we good?”
    “Yeah. We’re good.” (Brennan, Hodgins, Booth, Angela, The Corpse on the Canopy)
  134. Hodgins saves the girls. (The Corpse on the Canopy.)
  135. “I’m the luckiest man in the world because I got to spend time with your mother, and with you…Help your mom to be happy. Because if she’s alone? She’s going to forget.” (Booth’s recording for Christine in case he dies, The Twist in the Plot)
  136. “It’s a miracle, right? Bones, she doesn’t believe in God.” (Booth to Cam, A Shot in the Dark)
  137. Clark steps into help without being called. (A Shot in the Dark)
  138. Booth attacks the killer in the interrogation room. (A Shot in the Dark)
  139. “You know he would have died if it wasn’t for you.”
    “No, come on. The antiserum saved his life.”
    “No, you and Brennan gave him the time until it got here. You and Brennan saved him, babe.” (Angela and Hodgins,The Pathos in the Pathogens)
  140. “You’re a lucky man, Agent Booth.”
    “Yes, I am. Very lucky.” (CDC guy and Booth, The Pathos in the Pathogens) 
  141. “I want to marry you. Will you marry me, Booth? …I want you to be my husband. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Say something.”
    “Yes. Of course. Yes.”
    (The Secret in the Siege)SiegeKiss
  142. “One question. When Temperance finds you put her happiness ahead of the lives of five innocent people, how will she react? You knew the answer already. You just needed to hear me say it.” (Aldo to Booth, The Secrets in the Proposal)
  143. “Booth loves you.”
    “Booth told you that?”
    “He confessed it to me. Not being married is a sin to him. I’m not sure a non-believer can understand that kind of sacrifice.”
    “I wanted to marry him.”
    “Not as much as he wants to marry you.” (Aldo to Brennan, The Secrets in the Proposal)
  144. “I’m not leaving you. I want to tell you that I have absolute faith in you. I trust you. I know you love me and Christine. I’m sorry I lost sight of that temporarily. You’re a good man, you have your reasons, and when you can, you’ll share them with me.” (Brennan to Booth, The Secrets in the Proposal)
  145. The Cheat in the Retreat tag: CheatCrop
  146. “Here’s to Sweets, my little brother I never wanted but who I’m glad I have.” (Booth’s toast to Sweets, El Carnicero in el Coche)
  147. “You’re one of the Avengers, man. We need you.” (Hodgins to Sweets, El Carnicero in el Coche)
  148. “We…agreed to avoid public displays of affection at the FBI.”
    “The hell with the FBI.”
    “I have to go do…scientific things to catch a serial killer.” (Brennan and Booth,The Sense in the Sacrifice)
  149. “Pelant thinks he’s smarter than all of us, which might be true. But he’s not smarter than all of us put together.” (Caroline, The Sense in the Sacrifice)
  150. “For you, of course. It’s always going to come down to you.” (Aldo to Brennan,The Sense in the Sacrifice)
  151. “If I ask you to marry me, will you say yes?”
    “If I say yes, will we get married?”
    “Yes.” (Booth and Brennan, The Sense in the Sacrifice)Sacrifice1
  152. We don’t get married every day, our wedding shouldn’t feel like an everyday thing.”
    “I love every day.” (Brennan and Booth,The Lady on the List)
  153. Wedding rehearsal. (The Woman in White)
  154. “Did you even look at the hair comb I gave you? It meant a lot for me to give that to you.”
    “My feelings…they’re a jumble. But this case is something I understand.”
    “You understand happy, right? Go with that.” (Angela and Brennan, The Woman in White)
  155. “I’m jealous. What you and Temperance have? It’s the reason we draw breath. You screw this up, Booth, and it will be worse than any hell God can dream up for you.” (Aldo, The Woman in White)
  156. “I would wear elephant tusks on my head and have a squirrel monkey do the ceremony if that’s what you wanted.” (Booth to Brennan, when they decide to get married despite the church fire, The Woman in White)
  157. “…If I ever get out of here, I will find a time and a place to tell you that you make my life messy and confusing, and unfocused, and irrational. And wonderful. This is that time. This is that place.” (Brennan,The Woman in White)
  158. “What do you think happens now?”
    “Everything that happens next.” (Booth and Brennan, The Woman in White)wiw
  159. “We’re all a little crazy, and your crazy just happens to come out in a bizarre and revolting way. I actually think it’s kind of sweet, that you want to give life to that …thing.”
    “I’m the luckiest man in the world.” (Angela and Hodgins, The Dude in the Dam)
  160. “I’m still working on tracking that person down. I mean, she is still out there, spending money.”
    “Yeah. No guy buys that many shoes.” (Angela and Cam about the identity thief, The Fury in the Jury)
  161. “Oh, it will hold up. You should see her in front of the jury, not on it.” (Booth to the killer, about Brennan, The Fury in the Jury)
  162. “I told Angela that it was your idea that I should go, and she feels bad that she hated you. I told her that you were the best person ever, even though that can’t be confirmed empirically, but I don’t give a crap.” (Drunk Brennan to Booth,The Mystery in the Meat.)
  163. “Okay, about Daisy…”
    “There is nothing that you could say that would make me like her.”
    “Oliver, she is one of us. You are not, yet. The fastest way for you to become one of us is to be kind to her.”
    “What if I don’t care about being one of you?”
    “I think you do.” (Hodgins and Oliver, The Mystery in the Meat)
  164. “She flew through the air in perfect arcs…perhaps that’s what people mean when they talk about angels.” (Brennan about the victim,The Spark in the Park)
  165. Booth comforts Brennan after her nightmare. (The Ghost in the Killer)KillerDream
  166. “I think Nora has found someone else to move forward with. I can’t prove it, but as you know, you don’t always need proof to know when something’s true…So yes, I promise I have more than enough time. I won’t let you down.” (Clark to Brennan, The Ghost in the Killer)
  167. “If you don’t trust the evidence that Trent killed himself, then I don’t trust the evidence.”
    “That’s it?”
    “That’s it. Now take a bite of that sandwich and eat up. It’s good.”
    “You know me better than I know myself.”
    “I do.” (Booth and Brennan,The Ghost in the Killer)
  168. “He’s going to beat this. He’s going to be fine.” (Booth to Brennan, Big in the Philippines)
  169. “I’m serious. You’re going to fight this. You have to fight this.”
    “Why? because there’s a life out there that you haven’t even lived yet. There’s a woman waiting to be your wife, there’s kids waiting to be born. Waiting to find out how great of a dad you’re going to be. Plus you have your friends. They need you. That’s why.” (Booth and Wendell, Big in the Philippines)
  170. “Sometimes you just have to dance to the music that’s playing.” (Booth to Brennan, Big in the Philippines
  171. Sweets plays chess to find the killer. (The Master in the Slop)
  172. “Look, I’ve spent time at the looney bin, and I was grateful for it. Because sometimes, it’s the right place to be. Painful, sure, but what’s worse is when someone would look at you like you shouldn’t be there. I always felt like I’d done something wrong rather than just having a disease, you know? I know this sounds crazy, but you’ve got to be happy for him in there. Especially now that he’s found you. Trust me. He just won the lottery.” (Fisher to Hodgins, The Heiress in the Hill)
  173. “It’s not about being practical. It’s about being responsible.” (Booth’s proud response to Hodgins turning down the offer of money, The Heiress in the Hill)
  174. “I kept thinking, if we’d known each other growing up, maybe I could have helped. Maybe he wouldn’t be where he is now.”
    “You know that that is not true.”
    “No? I could have loved him.”
    “You can do that now. You can still love him.” (Hodgins and Angela, The Heiress in the Hill)
  175. “Angela would say a husband traditionally buys his wife flowers.”
    “Yeah, that’s true. But this is not for my wife. This is for my partner…who I occasionally kiss.” (Booth and Brennan, The Source in the Sludge)sludge
  176. “All these major life changes happen, and you’ve never once complained, or fallen apart, or felt sorry for yourself. You took it in stride.”
    “I don’t understand.”
    “Not many people could deal with what you have. And then there are these 360 million year old creatures who have stayed the course, just like you, no matter what evolution threw at them. It makes sense that you’d take a shine to them.”
    “They are pretty special, huh?”
    “Just like you.” (Angela and Hodgins, The Source in the Sludge)
  177. “We’re symbiotic. Like a clown fish and a sea anemone.”
    “What are you talking about? Nemo? That doesn’t sound very romantic.”
    “I disagree. You and I, we’re bound to one another. So much so that I don’t feel I could survive without you. You nurture me, you protect me. You’re my home. If I were to damage that by a meaningless dalliance, it would be like killing myself. Something I would never do.” (Booth and Brennan, The Repo Man in the Septic Tank)
  178. “Mr. Bray, we’re scientists. Hopefully we’re not ruled by hysteria fueled by ignorance. You’re fighting for your life.”
    “Yeah, but while I’m here, I want you to think I’m living it well.”
    “I do. As a matter of fact, I think you’re an example to us all.” (Brennan and Wendell, The High and the Low)
  179. “I just have to say how much I appreciate how accepting you’ve been about me working with you on this case.”
    “Yes. That is rare for me, isn’t it?”
    “Yes. Yes, it is…I know Pelant told you you’d never be able to catch this Ghost Killer without his expertise. I’m determined to prove him wrong.”
    “I appreciate that, Clark.” (Clark and Brennan, The Nail in the Coffin)
  180. “I’m not asking you. I’m telling you.”
    “I hate you for telling me to walk away.”
    “Bones…I love you.”
    “Don’t you die, okay?” (Booth and Brennan, The Recluse in the Recliner.)
  181. Brennan’s vigil in the hospital. (The Recluse in the Recliner.)vigil
  182. “I’m new to blackmailing, but I think I’ve covered it all.” (Brennan, The Conspiracy in the Corpse)
  183. Booth leaves jail. (The Conspiracy in the Corpse)
  184. Brennan makes love to Booth. (The Conspiracy in the Corpse)
  185. Booth and Christine. (The Conspiracy in the Corpse)BoothAndC
  186. “I fought back. You’d be proud.” (Sweets, The Conspiracy in the Corpse)
  187. “The world’s a lot better than you think it is.” (Sweets, The Conspiracy in the Corpse)
  188. “I don’t know if I can do this to him.”
    “You can. This is not Sweets. This is a set of remains that will give us the man who killed Sweets.” (Cam and Brennan, The Conspiracy in the Corpse)
  189. “He was family.” (Booth, The Lance to the Heart)
  190. “I just want this to stop.”
    “It will.” (Booth and Brennan, at the end of their fight, The Lance to the Heart)
  191. Brennan and Daisy listen to what Sweets’ bones has to tell them. (The Lance to the Heart)10x02BrennanDaisy2
  192. Booth and Brennan figure out where the papers are. (The Lance to the Heart)
  193. “I do believe Sweets is still with us. Not in a religious sense, because the concept of God is merely a foolish attempt to explain the unexplainable. But in a real sense…he’s here. Sweets is a part of us. Our lives, who we all are, at this moment, have been shaped by our relationships with Sweets. But each of us is like a delicate equation, and Sweets was the variable without which we wouldn’t be who we are. I might not have married Booth, or had Christine. Daisy certainly wouldn’t be carrying his child. We all are who we are because we knew Sweets.” (Brennan, The Lance to the Heart)
  194. “It’s a weird combination, but it works.”
    “Like us.” (Brennan and Booth, The Purging of the Pundit)
  195. Booth’s support of Hodgins in the interrogation room. (The Corpse at the Convention)
  196. “Enough with the apologies, okay, Wendell? Stop feeling sorry for yourself. And keep fighting. I don’t need to see another brother die.”  (Booth to Wendell, The Corpse at the Convention
  197. “Don’t ever let me take any of this for granted, Bones, how lucky we are.” (Booth to Brennan, The Lost Love in the Foreign Land)
  198. “I knew your dad really well.” (Booth to Daisy and Sweets’ newborn son, The Puzzler in the Pit)wholeFamily
  199. “The pain is always there. The challenge is to not try to make it go away.”
    “Really not comforting.”
    “Fighting it is a problem. We fight to try and change the past, or push it away, but the pain is part of who we are. It’s like the discovery of the quark. It upended all of our theories about physics. There was fury, fighting. But it was true. And when it was finally accepted, it gave us a better understanding of life. If we had denied it, there would have been no progress.” (Brennan and Aubrey, The Moneymaker in the Merry-Go-Round)
  200. “Death is just part of the deal. We all come with an expiration date.” (Andie to Wendell, The Mutilation of the Master Manipulator.)

Hart, Stephen, David, Emily, TJ, Michaela, Tamara, John, and everyone else who’s made these moments…thank you.

4 thoughts on “200 Moments of Bones

  1. This was wonderful. Thank you for putting it together. Several of these made me tear up just reading them, and many if the quotes I heard in the voices of that characters because I’ve heard them so often.

    I also want to say, you have 4 moments from one of my least favorite episodes; one I’ll usually skip or tune out when it’s on, but I have to agree with those moments being on the list and I find that amazing.

  2. OUTSTANDING! Of course, I was reading about half of them through teary eyes. I paused quite a few times just to soak up the feelings that came crashing back that I had when watching those episodes the first time (or second, or third). Thank you for taking the time to do this. It is very special.

  3. I have enjoyed this program the same way as I enjoy a long novel with many chapters. Now I have a Cliff notes version for days when I need a pick me up. Thanks very much for compiling this list. I don’t think I could have made myself stay within a limit.

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