An Open Letter to the People Who Bring Us Bones

Dear Cast and Crew of Bones,

Eleven seasons. Eleven. Wow.

That’s a big freaking deal. I think we as fans lose sight of that sometimes, because we only see the finished product, not the hours of blood, sweat, and tears that go into making it. So…huge, huge thanks, and mega-congrats.

And it’s finally here!  I. Can’t. Wait.

It’s been a busy summer for me, but still, the odd thought or two has crossed my mind about the show (stop that! I can hear you laughing from way over here), particularly when I was asked two specific questions more than once. I thought today, hours from when the show premieres its eleventh season (did I say, ‘wow!’ yet?) I’d share them with you, and my responses.

The first is, do I think the show will be okay with different showrunners at the helm? And my answer has been an absolute, unequivocal yes, for three reasons:

First, Jonathan (Collier) and Michael (Peterson) have written, or co-written with Stephen Nathan, a number of episodes that I love, and which I think demonstrate their love for, and understanding of, the heart of the show. (That list includes The Prisoner in the Pipe, The Partners in the Divorce, The Sense in the Sacrifice, The Mystery in the Meat, The Source in the Sludge, The Repo Man in the Septic Tank, The Murder in the Middle East, and The Next in the Last.)

Second, a number of other writers who know and love the show are still on-board (Emily Silver, Hilary Weisman Graham, Gene Hong), and it was announced yesterday that Karine Rosenthal, who was with the show from season two through season seven, and  returned in season nine to write The Woman in White, will be returning to guest-pen another episode.  Since she also wrote The Blackout in the Blizzard, color me very excited.

Third, David (Boreanaz) and Emily (Deschanel) are executive producers, and they too love the show and are committed to it being, at heart, the same show it’s been for ten seasons. This has been apparent to me for years now, but was reconfirmed by Michael’s story of David’s advice to revisit season one as a refresher for what the show is.

So, yeah. Not remotely concerned about the new showrunners. Full confidence, guys, and looking forward to what you do.

The second question I’ve been asked several times during the summer is, ‘what would you like to see in season eleven?’ and it turns out that’s not nearly as easy for me to respond to sensibly. “Just be what you are,” is what I want to say. “Just be Bones.”

Because when I try to articulate what I want to see, this is what comes out:

  • I want to cry. Not all the time, not in every episode, but I want to get teary eyed, like I did when the team mourned Sweets, when Brennan let Booth come back home, or even the happy tears of, “This is that time, this is that place.”
  • I want to laugh: at witty dialogue, at Hodgins’ experiments, at Aubrey’s food obsessions, at Booth and Brennan being silly.
  • I want to see Those Moments between Booth and Brennan, the emotionally intimate scenes that have defined the show – every episode – for me since The Woman in Limbo’s “I know who you are.” (My first episode.)
  • I want to see the Squinterns. I love all of them, and what they contribute to the whole. (Also…I love them all equally, but Clark’s my favorite, okay? Shhh. Don’t tell the others.)
  • I want to see the team being the family they are, with emotional moments between Brennan and Angela, or Booth and Cam, or Hodgins and Angela, (or …fill-in-the-blank) …or all of them coming together for one another.
  • I want to see the characters continue to grow, as individuals and as couples. I want to see Booth and Brennan, post-gambling-relapse; I want to see whatever it is that’s going to test Angela and Hodgins this season.
  • I want to get to know Aubrey better. Because Aubrey.
  • I want the actors, who are among the most underrated in Hollywood in my opinion, to continue to blow me away, often without speaking a word.
  • I want to watch interesting, clever cases that occasionally teach me things. (True story: despite working in the tech industry, I had no idea that 3D printers were a thing until season six of Bones.)
  • I want to see gross bodies, the grosser, the better. (Okay, I’m completely lying on this one, as I could easily do without the gross bodies. But since you all seem to have so much fun with them, have at it, and I’ll just continue to close my eyes.)

Make me feel.

I’m not being very detailed, I know. And that’s mostly because over the course of ten seasons, I’ve realized that the moments which brought me the most joy were often ones it would never have occurred to me to ask for, or, if I did know that I wanted them, that whatever you came up with was a thousand times better than my imaginings.

It’s also because some of the things I’d like to see aren’t in your power to do, such as bringing back actors who are apparently no longer acting, or those who are among the busiest men on the planet (*cough*Stephen Fry*cough*.)

(I have to make an exception here for Patricia Belcher, as my love for Caroline knows no bounds. So please work whatever magic is necessary to have her on as often as possible. Thank you.)

But what I really, really want? More than anything else?

For all of you to have fun. And to tell stories you’re proud of. When you work damned hard an unimaginable number of hours a day, you ought to at least enjoy what you’re doing. And how can you give us anything that works for us, if it’s not first working for you?

Yeah. That.

Break a leg, guys. (Or… fracture a fibia, even.)






4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the People Who Bring Us Bones

  1. Love your comments! The Cast & Crew have done a remarkable job of giving us a Great Show! When it goes off the air l’ll probably cry like a baby!

  2. I’m with you 110%, even though there isn’t any such thing. I love everything on your list. If I could add anything it would be that somehow someon figures out how to nominate the cast, crew, and writers of Bones for the Emmys they deserve. I’m tired of hearing that they don’t fit in a specific category.

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