Fan Review: The Senator in the Street Sweeper (Bones)

Here’s the conundrum of storytelling: we like our characters to be happy, but when they’re too happy – like say, when the biggest problem they’re facing is whether or not a TV in the bedroom will negatively impact their sex life – they’re not as interesting.

It’s true! Don’t throw things at me. I’m not saying I don’t love those scenes, from Brennan pulling him to her by the tie, to the way they fall onto the bed, to her surprising him with the TV despite her reservations. Because I do. They made me grin, and it’s hard to argue with that. (And the tape measure? Outright cackling with laughter.)


It’s particularly good to see them in such a good place given Booth’s relapse and Jared’s death.

But the fact that there’s not really much more you can say about it than that leads to the fandom spending the better part of several days discussing the door to Booth and Brennan’s bedroom, and how privacy works given the windows. (True story.)

It’s also why my favorite Booth and Brennan scene from this episode is actually the one in the SUV, where he tells her that he doesn’t want her to be on her best behavior, that he wants her to just be herself, her “usual, wonderful, but very direct self.”

While I’ve always enjoyed the heat between them – the eye sex, the love scenes (and allusions to such) after they became a couple – it’s merely the icing on the cake for me. What really matters is just this: that they know and cherish the truth about one another – even things others might not always appreciate.


“I just want you to be you. That’s all I need.”

Fortunately, the show has many stories to tell, and that means we can touch base with Booth and Brennan, enjoy seeing them happy and learn that Brennan calls the Flyers the ‘Philadelphia Whozits’ while the primary character story is carried by others – in this case, Aubrey and Jessica.

I have a crush on Aubrey. That combination of nobility, loyalty, and snark? I’m a goner. (Yes, it’s true for those who are keeping count: I have a thing for almost all the guys on the show. It’s an embarrassment of riches for any self-respecting straight female.)

Ahem. Anyway…I think Aubrey and Jessica might be my favorite love story on Bones after Booth and Brennan. I like that they’re friends first, and that we’re seeing it develop over time; I like that they’re doing something as normal as watching a TV show together, I like that he knows her favorite drink, and brings it to her. (But catnip tea? Ew.)

Also? Here, their relationship gives us some great moments with the other characters.

First up, there’s Aubrey telling Booth about this political aspirations. I like Booth’s support  of him, both then, and later, when he cautions Aubrey to stay in the background when they return to the victim’s house.  He’s once more the protective older brother, something he apparently can’t help. (Which, since that’s one of the reasons I love Booth, works well for me.)

To his credit, Aubrey doesn’t really listen. Whatever his future holds politically, for now, he’s going to do his job. He’s going to find out who killed the idealistic senator.

Then, there’s Brennan and Jessica. One of the highlights of the show for me is Brennan’s different relationships with the squinterns, but I’ve got an especially soft spot for her and Jessica. (And for her and Clark, and her and Arastoo, and her and Daisy, and her and Wend- oh, never mind.)

What struck me in watching this, though, is how much alike she and Jessica are in some ways (seen here in Jessica’s “I find that when I’m feeling emotionally unstable, concentrating on my work helps me to cope” line) and how alike they’re becoming in other ways, with Jessica’s ‘vibes’ wearing off on Brennan.  Booth once said that good people leave marks on us: this is Jessica leaving marks on Brennan. (Well, Jessica and Booth, since Brennan describes her certainty that it’s a single weapon first as her gut, and then as a vibe – all the while remaining true to herself with the ‘there’s a time and a place,’ qualifier.)


“I figured out who you were talking about.”

Bonus round? Seeing how pleased with herself Brennan was when she figured out Jessica and Angela were talking about Aubrey – and then watching her try her hand at playing matchmaker. (If it was up to me, the show would go on long enough not only for us to see Aubrey and Jessica’s wedding, but also to see Brennan taking responsibility for it.)

But first, Jessica and Aubrey have a few things to work out.

They’re not quite in the same place. She sees only potential in the two of them, while I think he’s already in love with her, though he may not yet be calling it that.

Whatever it is he feels, this was about him recognizing the tension between his ten year plan, and in being with a free spirit who tells him honestly, “I haven’t [done drugs] in a while, but that doesn’t mean I’m never gonna to do them again. I never say never.”

Not a good politician’s spouse, that. And yet at the end, he says to her, “I’m also certain of you.” Maybe together, they’ll find a way to balance his dreams with who she is; maybe she’s enough to make him rethink those dreams. But for now, he appears to have chosen her, and his doing so, particularly in the face of Caroline’s warning, reminds me a lot of Booth telling Brennan, “I just want you to be you.”


That idea of being loved, accepted and valued for who we are is one of the pillars of the show, right up there with ‘more than one kind of family,’ and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it played out here, not only in Booth and Brennan, but also in Jessica and Aubrey.

So…all the warm fuzzies for the episode, with one very minor nitpick about the case:

When Booth and Aubrey are on their way to the Senator’s house at the end, Brennan calls to tell them about the succinylcholine poisoning, and Aubrey guesses it’s not easy to acquire. It wouldn’t be difficult for Senator Winters to access it, however, which temporarily bumps her up on their suspect list. Only…she’s not the killer, Morales is. But how did he access the poison?

Yes, yes, I know it’s a red herring, but still, that’s where my mind went when I was re-watching the episode. (See what happens when I pay close attention to the case?)


Bonus Quotes:

“Are you aware that couples with a television in their bedroom have sex half as often as couples without one in their bedroom?”
“Yeah, well did you know that 73% of people make up statistics?”
“I haven’t read that study.” (Brennan and Booth)


“Watching the Philadelphia Whozits play ice hockey is not a sexual stimulant.” (Brennan)


“I am who I am because of my past, but I’m not the same person anymore. (Jessica)


“Did you do your homework on that Jessica Warren creature, or do I need to rap your knuckles?”
“I did it. She’s got some skeletons in her closet, but then, she is a forensic anthropologist.” (Caroline, Aubrey)


“If she’s not going to take that bait, I will. What’s the problem?”
“Well, technically there is no actual problem, because there’s nothing actually going on. But there is potential, and I don’t think you squash potential until there is an actual problem.”
“I did not understand a word you just said.” (Angela, Jessica, Brennan)


“Sometimes the best things in life happen against the odds. Think about anything you’ve ever really wanted. Right? Like a perfect job, or, or finding the love of your life. Those are one-in-a-million chances, right? But for you, the odds don’t even apply until you’re both clear about what you want.” (Angela)


“Poison is a murder weapon most often used by women, although I think I’m more of a flamethrower kind of gal.”
“Well it’s important to have flare.” (Jessica, Cam)










27 thoughts on “Fan Review: The Senator in the Street Sweeper (Bones)

  1. Since a poorly timed 5 minute storm knocked out my fracking cable and I missed the last scene, I am especially thankful for your comments today.
    This episode is in my top Bones episodes, I loved it. One, I guess I’m a sucker for happy B&B and two, I think A and J are my fav love story on Bones other then B and B. ( I think I read LS has another gig other than Bones, so am hoping she’s around for us to enjoy this relationshp).
    I felt each character had prime time and rich dialog that progressed the case, character or relationship. Kudos Emily Silver.
    One observation I had and wondered if anyone else did. The show had adifferent “look” to me. Was it a camera thing or maybe direction? Whatever it was, I liked it, but then again I seem to like all things Bones.
    This was a fracking Home Run.

    • Laura Spencer was contractually made more of a regular on The Big Bang Theory this season, but since she’s still not in every episode there, she’s still able to be on Bones as a recurring character. Hopefully, that arrangement will continue, because I like her character a lot.

      Overall, I thought this a fun episode with some solid story for Aubrey and Jessica, fun times for B&B, and a bit of a reflection on a theme I love. Not my favorite ep of the season (that’s still Brother in the Basement) but a definite contender for the number two spot.

      I’m not sure what you mean about a different look…?

  2. Eh, I just view all the pondering about the bedroom door and windows as another person’s version of what you do with your blog. Just focusing on something different that you do.

    When it’s an episode that a person just loves everything about, sometimes it’s hard to come up with more than just “I loved this episode, it made me very happy.” and I think we need to enjoy the happy while we have it, because I think we’re in store for some trauma just not (I hope) trauma in B&B’s relationship.

    My theory (and totally just from my mind and not something the show actually stated); I think Caroline was doing Aubrey a favor by having him run a background check on Jessica. Not because she thought he should know this stuff and not move forward with that relationship because of the damage it could do to a potential political career, but because he knows now, and can never say later that he might have made a decision if only he’d known. I think finding that stuff out later could have done more damage to the relationship, than knowing up front and wanting that relationship enough to move forward anyway. Know what I mean? And I totally admit it could just be that it’s what I want Caroline’s intentions to have been. 🙂

    Anyway I’m a completely happy Bones fan. I enjoyed everything about this episode. All the characters, and all the character interactions.

    • Somehow, I must be sounding critical in my comments about the door, and that’s not at all my intent. I know people enjoy different things; I also know that being happy often leads to less discussion generally.

      I just noticed a few years ago that when the only B&B story is showing them being happy – which is important to the overall story, and I swear I’m not thinking or saying otherwise – fans tend to then discuss the actual episode less, or at least the B&B scenes. Not criticizing that, just noting it, mostly because my immediate response on Thursday night was, ‘I’m so glad for the Aubrey/Jessica story, because otherwise, I’d have no blog post this week.’

      I liked the B&B bedroom scenes a lot. They were cute, and sweet, and unfortunately for the Flyers, I’m always now going to think of them as the Whozits. LOL. But, like last week with the pranking, (which I also enjoyed very much, btw) it’s fun, but is light enough on the story end of things not to lend itself to discussion.

      However, as is often the case, when I rewatched the ep, I realized how much I loved the SUV scene, and how much his ‘I just need you to be you’ meant to me, both in terms of acknowledging something true about them that we know, but which has never been stated in exactly that way, as well as its parallel to the Jessica/Aubrey story. So it’s all good.

      As to what comes next…I’m sure we will eventually have more story going on for them, but I’ve heard nothing to suggest it will be a threat to their relationship. IMO, last year was important, character-wise, and I loved it, unreservedly and hands-down, but there wouldn’t be a point in
      repeating it, and I trust the writers with things like that. 🙂
      As to Caroline…I’m thinking the same way you are about it: I think she was aware of the skeletons, and wanted to give him a reason to see them, too, so he wouldn’t be surprised by them later. There’s no reason that I can see for Caroline to not like Jessica just because she doesn’t like her, so the roots of it have to be in her concern for Aubrey. The two of them do seem to have formed a close relationship while Booth was gone.

  3. This is the first review of yours I hope isn’t brought to the attention of the Showrunners or they’ll have Booth back gambling in no time!

    Seriously though I truly believe there is mileage and much enjoyment to be had in them being happy. You only have to look at the current meltdown within the Castle fandom to realise that. Angst is good but manufactured angst is trite and in my opinion this season is so much better than S10 – much of that due to our two leads being happy and enjoying each other.Also the cases have been far more interesting but again that could be because I can concentrate on them more as I don’t spend all my time worrying about Booth and Brennan.

    The angst will be back soon enough so I for one intend to enjoy every second of these “less interesting” times.

    • LOL! The writers are professionals, and thus wouldn’t pay any more attention to my thoughts (when it comes to plot) than they do to any member of the audience – and they shouldn’t.
      In any respect, since they are professionals, they’re even more aware than I am that there’s no real story when your characters are too happy, or left that way for too long. (I’ve heard them acknowledge that, btw.)
      That’s why they made sure there was a story about the other characters, one Emily Silver skillfully tied back to Booth and Brennan’s primary story, via the SUV scene.

      But I think you misunderstood my point here. I liked the episode, and enjoyed seeing B&B happy. It’s just that those kinds of scenes don’t lead to discussion (at least not about the actual characters.)
      Seeing them happy is important because we need to know that that’s the norm for them, particularly after the last year or so in their lives. Leaving them happy permanently, with no problems to face, nothing to cause them to grow or reflect, or show them leaning on one another…that wouldn’t be good for the show.
      (At least not if anyone has any slimmest desire for another season. If this is the last season, it might not matter, particularly since they’ve got other characters to carry the story. But personally, while I’m not counting on it, I think they could run another season, as long as the stories are there, and would love for them to do so.)

      I have to admit, though, to being distressed that you appear to equate last year’s story with whatever the mess is on Castle this year. (I don’t watch it, and prefer not to comment on it beyond that, as to do so strikes me as unfair.)

      I do realize this is only my opinion, but last year’s gambling arc was solidly character based, well-written and well-played by everyone. It saddens me for David and Emily’s sakes, if nothing else, that some fans are so dismissive of what was truly phenomenal acting. In fact, I’ve wondered/speculated – freely acknowledging it as such – that that arc which some fans disliked is part of why we got a S11 in the first place, that the challenge of what they got to do with the characters, the places they took them, interested the actors enough to make them want to sign on for another season.

      Happy? No, it wasn’t happy (the show’s never been solely about happy, IMO) but it was a great, powerful story about pain, addiction, redemption, and love.

      And now, we’re seeing the fruit of that, the sequel to it. Because the moments last week (with the pranking) and here, with the sex, is what they were fighting so hard to save.
      But as individual episodes of the show, that’s just what they are: happy slice-of-life moments that make people smile before they go on to do something else. (In my case, focus on Aubrey and Jessica; in other cases, try to figure out where the bedroom door is. There’s nothing wrong with either one, by the way. It is what it is.)

      All opinions merely my own.

    • As a viewer of both Castle and Bones, there is simply no comparison between Bones S10 and the current debacle that is S8 of Castle.

      The Bones gambling arc was an organic story that felt true to the characters. From the pilot onward we have known Booth was a gambling addict. It has been touched upon over the years. Given the extreme amount of stress and grief he was subjected to with the S9 finale and aftermath in S10 (jail time, betrayal, Sweets’ death), it was no stretch that he might have a relapse. It felt real all season culminating in Eye in the Sky, the Middle East, and finally their reconciliation toward the end of the season.

      In contrast, the Castle writers threw up their hands and said “screw it”, let’s create some ridiculous story line that leads to Beckett walking out on Castle even though there is zero logic to it (i.e. even if estranged, the bad guys can easily go after her husband any time they want). It was 100% manufactured tripe, Now they’re going to have them fall in love again, which is dumb. I mean, I hope it works out and the show can go back on track, but they’re basically saying “The Moonlighting curse is real” and they’re out of stories to tell about married Beckett & Castle.

      I get it not everyone liked the gambling arc. But for me, I thought S10 was the best season of Bones since S6. It felt like not a lot happened in S7/S8, but still had some great episodes. S9 really started upping the drama and S10 was a case where I couldn’t WAIT for the next episode to come. It was very well done.

      • ITA. I loved 7 & 8, but I find that when I choose post Season 6 eps to watch, I tend to gravitate towards 9 & 10 more. Partly because I love Aubrey, but also I think besides the fact that there was more drama, I enjoyed the fact that I saw more nuance with them. It was the little things like adjusting to life with a toddler, marriage and how their work connected with that. Season 11 is turning into one of my fave seasons of all time.

        I did enjoy how A & J’s scenes connected with B & B’s, particularly in the SUV. B & B accept each other as they are and from the end scene, A & J will be developing towards that also. Is it always sunshine and roses? No, but I think the example of B & B will give A & J something to learn from and grow.

  4. I really enjoyed a lot of things about this episode. The only thing that I didn’t understand was what seems to be Caroline’s dislike of Jessica. What brought that one? Have Aubrey run a background check on her to make sure he was prepared in case he wanted to move forward was weird to me, and Caroline says something like “that Jessica creature”. I’m not sure….to me this meddling comes out of nowhere, I guess we’re supposed to assume that Caroline and Aubrey developed a close relationship off camera.

    But I do like the more relaxed relationship between B&B…this is what I had in mind when I wished they acted like a loving couple…a little bit of affection between them. I’m happy with that.

    The case was interesting to me, and I was a little bit caught by surprised by the bad guy.

    I’m pretty sure the viewers are going to get a jolt back to “reality” soon. In the meantime, I’m just enjoying a pleasant season.

    • I was struck by the ‘Jessica Warren creature’ line, too, but Caroline’s often come across as unkind when making points (see some of her past comments to/about Brennan) so I let that pass.
      Mostly, I think this was because she cares about Aubrey (I think we’re supposed to understand that they worked together a lot during B&B’s absence) and wanted to make sure he was aware of Jessica’s background in light of his political ambitions.
      She already knew about Jessica – my guess is that she vets all the squinterns right from the start. No point in finding out too late that someone had something in their past which could cause a mistrial, and really, it would seem out of character to me if she didn’t check those things.
      So she knew some of the stuff in Jessica’s past, knew what Aubrey’s goals were, and wanted him to see, now, when it’s still early days, that he might have to choose between the two, or at least, go forward knowing there might things they’d have to address.

  5. I endorse your take on the episode. I thought the Aubrey story line was the best B story. I was moved by several of the scenes. Caroline was obviously great, and I liked the part she played in getting Aubrey to vet Jessica, and deal with that now, before he actually starts running for office. I enjoyed the B&B scenes, but as I mentioned on Twitter, it was low stakes stuff. Essentially comedy, and for me, not romantic. That’s fine but I am also hoping for a meatier storyline as the season goes on. Agreed, that the SUV scene was actually the B&B highlight.

    What I’ll add is that I think the case was super interesting. I don’t often say that about Bones. I watch more for the characters than the cases. So I felt like this case was better than the usual with many twists and turns. There is often a pattern with network procedurals, that the least suspicious person did it. I thought that was the wife, and I turned out to be wrong! I also thought it got the nuances right, about serving constituents versus serving the party and what is at stake was excellent. This plays out in the real Washington D.C. No matter which choice the Senator makes, someone’s going to be mad. That the Chief of Staff was there for raw ambition and was willing to kill for it was a bit of a metaphor of what goes on in real life. I think the listed writer is mostly in charge of the case so this is a great credit to Emily Silver that it was put together so well.

    Going forward, yes, I would like to see more interesting stories about B&B. I just don’t think “blissful marriage” is sustainable. It is possibly a setup for darker times. From spoilers that may be from Hodgela and Aubrey. I am actually okay with that but want to see how that affects B&B. Finally, I’m not one of those “kiss” counters for the show. But if they’re going to be depicted as extremely happy, I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit of smolder to back up the banter. I’m not demanding it, but I would prefer that to simple comedy. I get that the writers realize the gambling arc was rough and they don’t want to repeat that (makes sense!) but I hope there is more to come that’s a bit more dramatic.

    • I know approximately squat about how life really works in DC, but that aspect of the episode certainly felt authentic, and that’s all I require from drama in that respect. Apart from my nitpick about the medical red herring, I thought it was a very tight, well done ep (and indeed, that’s probably why I even thought to puzzle over it.)

      The rest, yeah, agree totally. Very much looking forward to whatever they do next.

      • I feel like the succinylcholine red herring would have made more sense had there been an explanation. It just felt like there was a cut scene, perhaps the COS knew someone at a hospital who had access, had plans to be a doc, etc, etc.

        That aside, I still love this ep every time I rewatch it (more times that I can admit), especially the end scenes with A & J and B & B.

  6. One little sidebar about PB’s Caroline. That girl’s got chops. I think she knows a little “somethin’ somethin’ ” about Jessica, but thought it smarter to allow Aubrey to find out himself(with a lil hint from her) rather then just telling him. Sometimes we accept news better on our own rather then hearing it second hand.
    Also, in the conversation with her and B&B, loved her “body English” as she walked away. We couldn’t see her face, but had a good idea what she might be thinking. She’s a gem.

  7. So, I’ve read the comments here and some on Twitter about this week’s blog and IMO, you shouldn’t be feeling like you owe anyone any apologies for your thoughts. They’ve got merit.

    Personally, I’ve enjoyed the last few episodes where we’ve seen some playful B&B together. It’s awesome. Even more so because only 9 episodes ago, they were living apart. Without fun scenes like these, half the fandom would be complaining that B&B don’t even act married. Now it’s only the quarter that won’t ever be content until they actually see them naked in bed together.

    That said, I interpret your comments to suggest that while these episodes are great, fun “in the moment” episodes, they won’t inspire the type of loyalty from a fan base that keeps a show on the air for 11 seasons, and I agree. For that, you need to engage the audience’s emotions. You need angst. You need the reward of seeing the characters challenged and prevailing. You need to be left wondering what’s next and wanting to talk about more than sliding doors.

    I’m willing to give the showrunners more time to get us there this season. Especially since we’re really just starting to get into some “regular” episodes. S1101 & S1102 were about getting B&B back to work. S1103, we saw some of the depth to B&B as Booth struggled with the loss of his brother and Brennan struggled with how to help him. S1104 was really snuck in to take advantage of Betty White. S1105 was the crossover. Too a certain extent, the showrunners were constrained for those first 5 episodes and I don’t think any of those would’ve been ideal opportunities to start a new, deeper arc.

    From here forward though, they’ve a clean slate. If they want to hold ratings or consider additional seasons, they’ll need to dig deeper for the additional character development.

    I love your reviews and hope you don’t ever let other people’s comments prevent you from sharing your thoughts.

    • Thanks so much for your comments! I don’t know if angst is an absolute requirement, but I do think, based on a million fan comments over the years, that eventually, a return to B&B stories with more depth/substance than what we’ve had the last few weeks will be important. That said, I do agree that we needed to see the fun between them, particularly after Jared’s death. It’s all a balancing act, and I also think the ‘special’ eps we had – Betty White, and then the crossover – didn’t allow for normal storytelling.

      It’s a journey, and we’re along for the ride, but not in control of the train. (Which is a good thing, at least where I’m concerned…) We’ll see where we wind up. 🙂

  8. Why do I feel like I should apologise for enjoying this season LOL!!!

    I’m sorry I don’t like angst and I apologise for not wanting any manufactured drama. Just ignore my previous comment and I hope you get what you want soon.

    I’ll go away now!

    • No, no! You shouldn’t apologize for anything. It sounds like we disagree about whether season ten was good drama or bad, but we actually agree about this season – we’re both enjoying it, just for different reasons.

      And that’s fine. 🙂 I’ve always believed that part of the show’s longevity is that it tells lots of stories in a lot of ways – something for everyone.

  9. Lots of interesting, civil, discussion, so thanks everyone. I just want to clarify a couple of points. (I thought about doing a new post, but honestly, the whole response is so weird to me, I’d rather just follow it up here, and if people see it, that’s good, and if not, that’s good, too.)

    Somehow, bewilderingly to me, I feel like what I said is somehow being interpreted to mean I didn’t like the scenes in the bedroom. That is absolutely not true. I thought they were a lot of fun – I laughed out loud at least twice. I enjoyed both scenes very much. The Flyers will forever be the Whozits to me, now, and that tape measure shooting up like that cracks me up every time I think about it.

    Second, and equally baffling, I feel like an assumption is being made that my comments mean I must want a return to last season’s level of gut-wrenching angst, as if the only choices are between that and the sweet, simple, comedy we got here. That’s incredibly odd to me, because I’d put 80% of everything we’ve ever seen on the show, at least between B&B, as being solidly between those two extremes.

    Part of why the show works, I think, is the variety in tone, in types of stories, in characters. On the one hand, while my personal preference is neither endless angst nor B&B’s relationship as the primary source of humor (as it’s been for three weeks now)…that variety means there’s always something for me to love. (As with the SUV scene, and Aubrey’s story this week.) That’s a pretty good place to be.

  10. I’m thankful we still have episodes to watch. Looking back over the many years of the show, there have been several different sorts of episodes: fluffy, angsty, dramatic…long running story arcs, and short arcs. So, basically, something for everyone. I like some angst from time to time, but I think for me personally it would hard to have a lot of it right after all of it that happened last season. So I think this is the calm after that storm, and maybe the calm before the next. The tease has been something affecting Hodgins and Angela, so there will probably be ripple effects for everyone else. So, yes, I’ve been happy….and I’ll be happy with angst, too.

    • We also we started the season with heavy drama. Bones does has a habit of alternating between the heavy and the light or as you said fluffy, angsty, dramatic…they never stay with just one for too long. They’re dabbling in the light at the moment, and I do think it’s not only to bounce from the trauma they started the season with, but to lighten things up leading into what they’ll be bringing us soon.

      While I’d be happy if they kept things in B&B’s relationship the way it was the past couple of episodes I also know that it wouldn’t be enough for everyone, and that they won’t keep it up for the rest of the series. I can go with the flow as long as that flow doesn’t drown me in despair. 😉 I think (total guess on my part) that strain for the characters of Booth and Brennan will come through what their friends are going through. So not problems in their own relationship, but the kind of thing that affects them both (and in my dreams highlights the things they are thankful for in their own little family)> LOL Story ideas!

      • I can also see where B&B might disagree on how to handle a situation with their friends…if Angela decides to do something drastic and she’s Brennan’s best female friend, Brennan might feel like she has to support Angela, and I think, given what we know about Booth’s views on things it would rankle him. But that’s why we watch, right? To find out…

  11. I am becoming a big fan of Jessica and Aubrey. I do think he’s in love with her because if they were just friends, I don’t think when he found out about her with Greenpeace and Phish would have affected him so much. Jessica definitely has feelings for Aubrey, too. Why else would she been as affected by Aubrey’s reaction to her past. Yes, she said potential, but I do think her feelings go past potential. Is it love for her yet? No, but it’s getting pretty close.

  12. While it has been suggested that the wife and senator Winters were red herrings, I don’t believe that is the case. It appears more like a sloppy change of plot. Before you start screaming at me, hear me out.

    A needle mark was found on the victims skull that contained traces of a medication sometimes used as a poison. The gauge of the needle is the same as the type the dead senator’s wife uses. This seems to indicate one or both of the women were at least involved with an attempt on the senator’s life (if not the actual murder), but this evidence is passed off as inconsequential when the state-shaped, coal award is discovered to have stained the hand of Morales.

    At best, it seems like a writer was over zealous creating the red herring. At worst, there was a plot change with regards to who actually killed senator, and no one bothered to re-shoot the scenes to fully correct the plot.

    What do you ask think. Post here because I don’t check that email (wink).

    • Actually, I won’t scream at you all, because I saw the same thing. 😉

      I’m quite often puzzled by the crime plot in the eps, which is part of the reason they seldom feature in my reviews. Fairly frequently, I’ll feel like some piece of information was left out, or they investigate a clue and determine it points one way when as far as I can see, it could just easily point a different direction. Or they drop following up on a clue entirely, where they investigate something in the second act that seems important and then they move on to something else and never revisit it.

      Since the writers do occasionally write eps where the crime and how it was solved makes complete sense to me, I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it was written to follow-up on those things or explain them, and then edited out for time. If push comes to shove, I think the show emphasizes the character stories over the crimes, and given a choice between showing a scene where they explain why a clue didn’t pan out or was proven wrong, and in showing one heavily-character focused, they choose the latter.

      Although I enjoy the cases when they work and make sense (and will often comment on such in my reviews) since I watch the show mostly for the characters, I can’t complain too much when they make those choices. The best of all personal worlds would be for every episode to be both a tight, logical case and significant character stuff, but…that’s a lot to ask out of 43 minutes per episode.

      (But do not get me started on the failures of logic and inconsistencies of the case/plot in the S7 finale…)

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