About those spoilers…

This quote sums up the entirety of my thoughts about how some are interpreting the Sully spoilers:


Also? The Repo Man in the Septic Tank was written by showrunner Michael Peterson. I doubt very much that he’s forgotten it.



5 thoughts on “About those spoilers…

  1. Don’t get me wrong,I’ve been a Bones fan since day one.When Brennan said this to Booth all was right in her world.People have been known to do things they wouldn’t normally do if they are mentally or emotionally not right,a hug or innocent kiss can lead to more.Booth and Brennan got together because she was grieving for Vincent.I hope she doesn’t cheat because that would tarnish their relationship and the show forever.

    • Well…in the ‘for what it’s worth’ column, when Brennan said this, it was after The Ghost in the Killer and before The Nail in the Coffin, so she was dealing with the fears that there was a serial killer out there they’d never catch; it was also after Wendell’s cancer’s diagnosis.

      But…I think what it really comes down to is that I trust the writers in a way that you don’t. It’s not that they always do exactly what I want to see, because they don’t. (Examples would Cam, Booth’s mom, some aspects of the Pelant arc, some aspects of S6.)

      I just understand story to be…these people are telling me a story, and it’s theirs to tell. I may not like every choice they make, but when I look at the whole thing in a big picture way, have I enjoyed it? And the overwhelming answer is, ‘God, yes.’

      I liked the slow buildup to B&B getting together because there’s so much history there. So much context for why they love each other, why they need each other, how they’ve grown. And then they got together, and I’ve gotten to see them dealing with life. Their lives aren’t always easy, would never have been, due to who they are and what they do. So watching them overcome stuff – from being separated by Pelant, to the conspiracy at the FBI, to his gambling relapse – makes me happy, because as sappy as it sounds, it gives me confidence in their love.

      So, taking the show as a whole, I absolutely do not think they’d do anything to damage the characters and that larger story at this point. You’re right – if she cheated, it would tarnish the show, and why would any of them (not just the showrunners, but ED/DB, who’ve spent so many years bringing those characters to life) want to do that in the last few weeks? What would that get any of them?

      At this point, people will often point to other shows and say, ‘well, that show betrayed their audience.’ But in every case, it was a different kind of show, one where the point wasn’t two people loving each other.

      I may not like everything the Bones showrunners have ever done (really, it would be odd if I did) but I believe they love Booth and Brennan more than I do, and certainly have more invested in the audience being satisfied with the story after the finale airs.

      Brennan won’t cheat. It’s possible someone will raise the possibility (though I doubt even that – I think Sully is going to help them in some way, not harm them) but the man who wrote the words that Brennan said here isn’t going to make them a lie now.

  2. I truly appreciate how deep and fulfilling their life together is. Other shows rarely give us such complete understandings of married couples’ lives, and the depth of B/B’s love has evolved realistically and fully, and we have been privy to how it’s happened. I think that is the crux; couples cheat on tv shows when their relationships are surface-level and there’s a need for plot-lines. This late in the series, with the final episode looming, there’s no way they’d drop this bomb and then never give us a chance for real resolution and closure.

    • Ali, that is something I have appreciated as well: the gradual evolution of their relationship. I was just thinking about how many times various blogs in earlier seasons said B&B were just like an “old married couple.” Looking back from season 12, the difference is impressive. I think the phrase “fight like an old married couple” is intended to convey the idea of people fighting energetically but from a position of confidence in the endurance of their relationship. That we have seen from nearly the beginning. But their love for each other has changed and deepened with every obstacle they have faced.

      In some ways, Booth’s behavior to Brennan has changed more than hers towards him, at least on the emotions side. Both of them have been pretty stoic with outsiders. But Brennan has been vulnerable with Booth during numerous crises since late season 1. (All those comfort hugs/”guy hugs”). Booth may have alluded to his past or his concerns, but I don’t remember any early, open discussions that resulted in him accepting comfort from Brennan. (Though part of Brennan’s change may be in her willingness to step into that comforter role.) Both of them now are seen sharing their concerns and joys of smaller magnitude, not limited to those which overwhelm their capacities.

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