Bones Farewell: Scenes From a Life Shared

I’m cheating again today, a bit, in that most of the writing in this post was done by the people who know what they’re doing (the writers!) but I needed a way to acknowledge a whole bunch of moments that are the show for me.

These are Booth and Brennan focused; most, but not all, are turning points in their relationship.  The others are simply moments that I loved because they highlighted some aspect of that bond.

(I really wanted to do a screen cap for every one, but was afraid I’d blow up WordPress…!)

  1. “I’d like to help you with that.” (Booth and Brennan, Pilot)
  2. “It’s okay. It’s all over. I’m right here.” (Two Bodies in the Lab)
  3. “I know who you are.” (Booth, The Woman in Limbo)
  4. “I’m with Bones, Cam. All the way. Don’t doubt it for a second.” (Booth, The Boy in the Shroud)
  5. Cam smiles as Booth stands her up. (The Girl with the Curl)
  6. “You have a relationship with this guy, what they call symbiotic – you benefit from each other. So know this. That deadline comes around, and my partner is still underground, I will end you. You understand? Three hours. Better hurry.” (Booth to Vega, Aliens in a Spaceship)
  7. “It’s a guy hug. Take it.” (Booth, The Headless Witch in the Woods)
  8. “I’m just one of those people who doesn’t get to be in a family.”
    “There’s more than one kind of family.” (Booth, Judas on a Pole)
  9. A dejected Booth watches Brennan with Sully. (Bodies in the Book)
  10. “Everything happens eventually…All the stuff you think never happens – it happens. You just gotta be ready for it.” (Booth, The Boneless Bride in the River)
  11. “That’s a lot of heart, Bones.” (Booth, The Verdict in the Story)
  12. “In working with Booth, I’ve come to realize that the quiet man, the invisible man, the man who’s always there for friends and family… that’s a real alpha male. And I promise my eyes will never be caught by those shiny baubles again.” (Brennan, The Conman in the Meth Lab)
  13. Brennan’s absolute confidence in Booth when he’s throwing knives at her. (Double Trouble in the Panhandle)
  14. “I’m never gonna make you fall. I’m always here.” (Booth, Fire in the Ice)
  15. You all want to lose yourself in another person. You believe that love is transcendent and eternal. I want to believe that, too.”
    “Hey, you will. I promise. Someday you will. You will someday, okay? You will.” (Brennan and Booth, The Cinderella in the Cardboard)
  16. Booth and Brennan share scars from their past with each other. (Mayhem on a Cross)
  17. “I’m not convinced that loving someone is worth it.”
    “… It is worth it, and everything around it is worth it.  Every moment, everything… is worth it, so eat the ice cream before it melts.” (Brennan and Booth, The Girl in the Mask)
  18. “Do you love me?”
    “Yeah. Want me to prove it to you?” (The End in the Beginning)
  19. Booth teaches Brennan how to repair plumbing. (The Bond in the Boot)
  20. “Listen, you changed history. How many people can say that?”
    “You can. Every arrest you make changes history. You make the world safer.”
    “With your help.” (Booth and Brennan, A Night at the Bones Museum)
  21. “I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do to help him.” (Brennan to Wyatt about Booth, The Dwarf in the Dirt)
  22. “When Booth and I first met, I didn’t believe that such a thing as love existed. I maintained that it was simply brain chemistry. But, perhaps Booth is correct; perhaps love comes first, and then creates the reaction. I have no tangible proof, but…I’m willing to accept Booth’s premise.” (Brennan, The Dentist in the Ditch)
  23. “Was my faith shaken? Yeah, it is…I’ll go home tonight and I’ll lie in bed, and I’ll toss, and I’ll turn, and I’ll beat myself up, and I’ll question everything.”
    “Will you get your faith back?”
    “Always have in the past.”
    “So you have faith that you will retain your faith. Why?”
    “The sun will come up, and tomorrow’s a new day.”
    “I know that feeling.”
    “You know what it feels like to get your faith back?”
    “When I see effects and I am unable to discern the cause, my faith in reason and consequences is shaken.”
    “And then what happens?”
    “Two plus two equals four. I put sugar in my coffee and it tastes sweet. The sun comes up because the world turns. These things are beautiful to me. There are mysteries I will never understand, but everywhere I look, I see proof that for every effect there is a corresponding cause. Even if I can’t see it. I find that reassuring.”
    “And life is good again.”
    “Life is very good.” (Booth and Brennan, The Devil in the Details)
  24. “You know when you talk to older couples who, you know, have been in love for 30 or 40 or 50 years, alright, it’s always the guy who says “I knew.” I knew. Right from the beginning.” (Booth to Brennan, The Parts in the Sum of the Whole)
  25. “I wished… I wished that you could find happiness.”
    “I don’t know what that means.”
    “Happiness. Love, laughter, friendship, purpose… and a dance.” (Booth to Brennan, The Witch in the Wardrobe)
  26. “We can come back, pick up where we left off.  Nothing really has to change.”
    “No, things have to change.  You know what?  Hey, I taught you about eye contact, you taught me about evolution.  So… here’s to change.”
    “To change.” (Brennan and Booth, The Beginning in the End)
  27. “He couldn’t leave her. That’s what love is.” (Booth to Brennan, The Couple in the Cave)
  28. Booth saves Brennan. (The Doctor in the Photo.)
  29. “You can love a lot of people in this world, but there’s only one person you love the most.” (Booth to Brennan, The Sin in the Sisterhood)
  30. Brennan chooses to stay. (The Daredevil in the Mold)
  31. Booth asks her out on a date invites himself to a lecture. (The Killer in the Crosshairs)
  32. “You know what we’re talking about here, right?” (The Blackout in the Blizzard)
  33. “You’re coming back to my apartment with me.” (Booth to Brennan, The Hole in the Heart)
  34. “That’s what I’m here for.” (Booth comforts Brennan, The Hole in the Heart)
  35. “I love undercover. What’ll I be?”
    “You can be my girlfriend.” (Booth to Brennan, The Change in the Game)
  36. “…but I don’t concede that I’m being unreasonable for merely trying to be rational about our living arrangement.”
    “Look, Bones. I love you, okay? That’s not rational. Us having a kid, that’s not rational. But here we are..[…] I’ve got to get back to the office.”
    “I… love you, too.”
    “I know.”
  37. “We can have whatever life we want. You know that, right?”
    “New memories, new life.” (Booth and Brennan, The Memories in the Shallow Grave)
  38. “I’m not good playing with toys. What if I can’t connect with our child?”
    “You connect with me, right?”
    “You know I do.”
    “Okay, our child is half of me. So at the very least, you can connect with the me half. Listen, you’re going to be a great mom.” (Booth and Brennan, The Prince in the Plastic)
  39. “We have a house, Booth. You found our home.” (Brennan to Booth, The Crack in the Code)
  40. “I love you, Booth. I don’t want you to think that Christine is the only reason we’re together.” (Brennan,The Past in the Present)
  41. Booth and Brennan reunite in the hotel. (The Future in the Past)
  42. “Why are you sorry for doing the right thing?”
    “I’m sorry for how you must have felt when I did the right thing.” (Booth and Brennan, The Future in the Past)
  43. “I love you. I’m willing to do irrational things to prove it.” (Brennan to Booth, The Partners in the Divorce)
  44. “I spent so much time trying to control my life. I thought it meant that I was strong. But I was just afraid.”
    “Afraid of what?”
    “I dug out remains from the rubble from the Towers. For two weeks, I was methodical. A scientist. I did what was asked of me. I did my job. I never shed a tear. I was proud of that. All these years, I never let myself feel that.”
    “Bones, we all deal with things in our own way, okay?”
    “I could avoid it all before I met you. I had no one in my life. And now I think of those people and I think of you. Any one of them…it could have been you.” (Brennan and Booth, The Patriot in Purgatory)
  45. Booth, Brennan, and Christine dance to Hot Blooded on his mix tape for her. (The Ghost in the Machine)
  46. “I’m the luckiest man in the world because I got to spend time with your mother, and with you…Help your mom to be happy. Because if she’s alone? She’s going to forget.” (Booth’s recording for Christine in case he dies, The Twist in the Plot)
  47. “You’re a lucky man, Agent Booth.”
    “Yes, I am. Very lucky.” (CDC guy and Booth, The Pathos in the Pathogens)
  48. “I want to marry you. Will you marry me, Booth? …I want you to be my husband. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Say something.”
    “Yes. Of course. Yes.” (The Secret in the Siege)
  49. “Booth loves you.”
    “Booth told you that?”
    “He confessed it to me. Not being married is a sin to him. I’m not sure a non-believer can understand that kind of sacrifice.”
    “I wanted to marry him.”
    “Not as much as he wants to marry you.” (Aldo to Brennan, The Secrets in the Proposal)
  50. “I’m not leaving you. I want to tell you that I have absolute faith in you. I trust you. I know you love me and Christine. I’m sorry I lost sight of that temporarily. You’re a good man, you have your reasons, and when you can, you’ll share them with me.” (Brennan to Booth, The Secrets in the Proposal)
  51. Cheat in the Retreat tag:
  52. “We…agreed to avoid public displays of affection at the FBI.”
    “The hell with the FBI.” (The Sense in the Sacrifice)
  53. “For you, of course. It’s always going to come down to you.” (Aldo to Brennan,The Sense in the Sacrifice)
  54. “If I ask you to marry me, will you say yes?”
    “If I say yes, will we get married?”
    “Yes.” (Booth and Brennan, The Sense in the Sacrifice)
  55. “We don’t get married every day, our wedding shouldn’t feel like an everyday thing.”
    “I love every day.” (Brennan and Booth,The Lady on the List)
  56. “I’m jealous. What you and Temperance have? It’s the reason we draw breath. You screw this up, Booth, and it will be worse than any hell God can dream up for you.” (Aldo, The Woman in White)
  57. “I would wear elephant tusks on my head and have a squirrel monkey do the ceremony if that’s what you wanted.” (Booth to Brennan,The Woman in White)
  58. “…If I ever get out of here, I will find a time and a place to tell you that you make my life messy and confusing, and unfocused, and irrational. And wonderful. This is that time. This is that place.” (Brennan,The Woman in White)
  59. “What do you think happens now?”
    “Everything that happens next.” (Booth and Brennan, The Woman in White)
  60. “I told Angela that it was your idea that I should go, and she feels bad that she hated you. I told her that you were the best person ever, even though that can’t be confirmed empirically, but I don’t give a crap.” (Drunk Brennan to Booth,The Mystery in the Meat.)
  61. Booth comforts Brennan after her nightmare. (The Ghost in the Killer)
  62. “If you don’t trust the evidence that Trent killed himself, then I don’t trust the evidence.”
    “That’s it?”
    “That’s it. Now take a bite of that sandwich and eat up. It’s good.”
    “You know me better than I know myself.”
    “I do.” (Booth and Brennan,The Ghost in the Killer)
  63. “Sometimes you just have to dance to the music that’s playing.” (Booth to Brennan, Big in the Philippines
  64. “Angela would say a husband traditionally buys his wife flowers.”
    “Yeah, that’s true. But this is not for my wife. This is for my partner…who I occasionally kiss.” (Booth and Brennan, The Source in the Sludge)
  65. “We’re symbiotic. Like a clown fish and a sea anemone.”
    “What are you talking about? Nemo? That doesn’t sound very romantic.”
    “I disagree. You and I, we’re bound to one another. So much so that I don’t feel I could survive without you. You nurture me, you protect me. You’re my home. If I were to damage that by a meaningless dalliance, it would be like killing myself. Something I would never do.” (Booth and Brennan, The Repo Man in the Septic Tank)
  66. “I’m not asking you. I’m telling you.”
    “I hate you for telling me to walk away.”
    “Bones…I love you.”
    “Don’t you die, okay?” (Booth and Brennan, The Recluse in the Recliner.)
  67. “I’m new to blackmailing, but I think I’ve covered it all.” (Brennan to the prosecutor, The Conspiracy in the Corpse)
  68. Booth leaves jail. (The Conspiracy in the Corpse)
  69. Booth and Brennan clasp hands for strength before Sweets’ autopsy begins (The Conspiracy in the Corpse)
  70. “I just want this to stop.”
    “It will.” (Booth and Brennan, at the end of their fight, The Lance to the Heart)
  71. Booth and Brennan figure out where the papers are. (The Lance to the Heart)
    (Commentary: This is still a candidate for my favorite scene of the two of them from the entire series. I love how they trade ideas back and forth, racing to the answer.)

  72. “It’s a weird combination, but it works.”
    “Like us.” (Brennan and Booth, The Purging of the Pundit)
  73. “Don’t ever let me take any of this for granted, Bones, how lucky we are.” (Booth to Brennan, The Lost Love in the Foreign Land)
  74. “I have you now. I can tell you how scared I am.”
    “Scared? You?”
    “Yes, me. The reason I convinced myself I wasn’t as pregnant as I am is …I just kept thinking the more our family grows, the more we have to lose.”
    “On the flip side, we have more to gain. Hey. We’re gonna be fine, Bones.”
    “What, faith?”
    “Love. Lots of love. Come on. Come on over here.”
    “I’ll take love.”
    “All right. I’ll give you love.” (Booth and Brennan, The Lost in the Found)
  75. “I completely lost track of time.”
    “We’ve been here for two hours.”
    “That explains the nasty looks from people who wanted our table.” (To diner at large.) “You can’t eat pie fast or you’ll cramp. That is a science.”
    “Some day I would love to live in a world governed by your rules of physics.”
    “You will. Someday you will. Very soon.” (Diner scene, The Light in the Life)
  76. “The rational side of me needs to know that that is true, empirically. But statistically, that’s impossible. Life is essentially uncertain.”
    “No guarantees.”
    “That’s right. And if we try to be certain before we act, we never act.”
    “What are you saying, Bones?”
    “I’m saying…I have faith in you, Booth. And I think you should stay the night with me.” (The Life in the Light)
  77. “Look, this is important work, or don’t you think so, anymore?”
    “Of course I think so. But there are other important things we could do that won’t get us killed.”
    “No one’s getting killed.”
    “That’s what you always say before the shooting starts.” (Booth and Brennan, The Next in the Last)
  78. Or we could just have the baby, and live our lives, and be happy.” (Booth, The Next in the Last)
  79. I’m not leaving until these bones lead me to wherever the hell my husband is.” (Brennan, Loyalty in the Lie)
  80. “I want you to know that I’m going back to my old job at the Jeffersonian. I think you should go back to yours as well.”
    “Time out. We can’t do that. We both decided that we were going to stop doing this together. We quit our jobs. We’re done.”
    “If you’re done, Booth, why am I sitting with you in a hospital room? You’ve always done this. Risked your life for the sake of others. The army, the FBI…”
    “I can change.”
    “I don’t want you to. Booth, you are the most bravest, selfless man I have ever met. As much as I hate seeing you here in pain and suffering, I also know this is who you genuinely are.” (The Brother in the Basement)
  81. “Girl really loves her brother, doesn’t she?”
    “Yes, she does.” (The Donor in the Drink)
  82. “I just want you to be you. That’s all I need.” (Booth, The Senator in the Street Sweeper)
  83. “Did you ever think you’d have an amazing, great husband like me and three beautiful kids who love you?”
    “That was an unlikely turn of events.”
    “Anything is possible. Angela and Hodgins, they love each other. They’re strong, okay? They’re going to get through this.” (Booth and Brennan, The Death in the Defense)
  84. “Don’t you even want to try and talk this out?”
    “Why would I? You’re not an expert in this field.”
    “Field? In what field? Listening to you? Cause trust me, no one has logged more hours.” (Booth and Brennan, The Nightmare with the Nightmare)
  85. “Stop talking” – Booth and Brennan hug, The Hope in the Horror
  86. “The unexpected happened. He fell in love.” (Brennan, The New Tricks in the Old Dogs)
  87. “You know, Booth’s not going anywhere.” (Sully, The Grief and the Girl)
  88. “Without Sully, I don’t think I would have been ready for you. For this. And because of that, I’ll always be grateful to him because I love this. I love you.”
    “I love you, Bones. Always.” (The Grief and the Girl)
  89. “We’ve got this. I love you.” (Booth, to Brennan in The Steal in the Wheels)
  90. “I’m glad you’re here.” (The Day in the Life)

7 thoughts on “Bones Farewell: Scenes From a Life Shared

  1. This was a wonderful read! Thank you. FYI…just in case there was one you had to leave out your #13 and #16 are the same.

    • Thanks for that! I’ve been working from a long template of favorite scenes, copying and pasting for the post, and my guess is it got in there twice at some point. Fixed now!

  2. Good job! I’m very impressed. I’d have gotten so bogged down in indecision wanting not to miss anything, but afraid I’d end up diluting the impact by including too much. 😀

  3. That was fantastic! So many great moments. I especially love that you included dejected Booth watching Sully and Bones kissing. I have always loved that moment. Everything about the way he’s holding himself shows that dejection, not just the look on his face. Even the way he drops the folder, turns and walks away.

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