Welcome to my blog about stories (TV, film, books) and the people who love them, i.e., fans.

Mostly, this is a place for me to dump out and process my thoughts in a long-form way, whether about a novel that I can’t quit thinking about, a TV show or film I’m obsessed with, or fandom, which often baffles me.  Very, very rarely do I venture into real-life issues.

Many of the TV posts are about Bones, which was my primary hobby and occupied much of  my free time from 2009 until the finale aired in 2017.  Since some part of my brain is still in active denial that the show is not coming back, it would not be safe to assume there will no longer be new posts about it, particularly since I’m still re-watching the show. (And…twelve seasons.) But I’ve got more time now to explore other books and shows, and am doing so.

That said, due to a professional change in my 3-D life, I no longer have time to blog weekly, even when there are stories I’d like to write about, so the posts will be sporadic. A few weeks months without a new entry doesn’t mean the blog is dead.

Final observation: I write a lot of what I call ‘fan reviews.’ These are in no way intended to replace or disrespect professional reviews; rather, they express the idea that I think in the discussion of stories (regardless of medium) there can be a place for reviews written from the perspective of a fan, of someone who doesn’t feel the need to be objective.


One thought on “About

  1. I’m still in black gloves for Bones and found your blog.
    Having just lost a day reading your posts from the beginning to the teary end,
    i would just like to thank you for being someone that gets it. now i appear to
    be out of tissues and need to go to the store…

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